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The Definitive Ranking Of 10 Types Of French Pastries

The Definitive Ranking Of 10 Types Of French Pastries

The French make some delicious foods. Specifically baked goods. There are so many options it can be hard to narrow down your favorite. Here is a definitive ranking of 10 types of French pastries you should try.

Imagine that you are walking through the winding, cobblestone streets of Paris. You walk past one of the many boulangeries and you breathe in the most incredible smell. You have to go in and as you open the door and are greeted with cases full of different types of French pastries. So how to decide which one (or ones!) to indulge in? Here is a definitive list of the top 10 best types of French pastries.

10. Brioche

This upgraded bread roll is rich and buttery and best served warm and with copious amounts of coffee, and it’s even better when little chocolate chips are baked inside!

9. Eclair

Pâte à choux, or choux pastry, is very common in types of French pastries. The simplest version is the oblong-shaped éclair, stuffed with a variety of pudding-like fillings and topped with a sugary-sweet glaze. It is an absolute must try.


8. Chausson aux pommes

This flaky pastry is filled with puréed apples, with an added bonus if cinnamon is added to the mix. You really should just try all of these types of French pastries.


7. Religieuse

Another choux pastry, but this time it’s a double-decker creation. Named after a nun (can you see the resemblance?), the best version is filled with a thick and luscious coffee cream.

6. Pain aux raisins

This swirled pastry is perfect for anyone who loves raisins. As you reach the center of the roll, you will find a lovely mixture of custard and frangipane to counteract the flaky outside.

5. Pain au chocolat // Chocolatine

The French sure do like their flaky pastries. This one is the perfect confection with pockets of chocolate hidden inside.

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4. Cannelé

The outside is sweet and crunchy. The inside is creamy and boozy. And they’re bite size. What more could you want?

3. Macaron

You cannot go to Paris without sampling a few macarons. These almond-based cookies are filled with a variety of flavors. Perfectly pairs with a Parisien hot chocolate.


2. Kouign-amann

Pronounced queen a-mahn, this pastry is pure heaven for your tastes buds. Caramel and butter, crisp and creamy, this baked good needs to be at the top of your list.

1. Croissant

Ah, the croissant. Simple, but it’s the epitome of buttery, flaky pastry and can be enjoyed at all times of the day.

What do you think of this ranking of 10 types of French pastries? Let us know in the comments below!
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