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The Dainty Jewelry Inspo You Need To Copy

If you love a simple style, then dainty jewelry pieces are the best way to embellish a minimalistic look. I mean come on, every Instagram influencer in the world is wearing these thin accessories! From layered necklaces to simple pendants, a brand with dainty jewelry is a brand that’s high on our list. If your fashion mogul is wearing dainty jewelry that you can’t get enough of, check out some of our favorites right now!

1) Plain & Simple

This simple and minimalistic design is such a great everyday necklace. Whether you like to wear jewelry on the regular, or out on the town, this simple dainty jewelry is the inspo that you need.

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2) A Chained Choker

When it comes to simple dainty jewelry, you want something that shows off your features but doesn’t hog the attention. This gold choker shows off your collarbone while lying very subtle on the neck!

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3) Gemstones Are Always A Must

We are loving a mix and match style, and this gemstone bracelet is such a great piece to add to your collection! The gemstones come in all different colors, so no matter what you’re wearing, they will go with something!

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4) Get The Layered Look

You’ll notice that layers are a look that is extremely in. One of the best ways to start off a layered look is with a choker like the one below!

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5) Lock It Up

Lock necklaces are such a vibe, and a good one at that. Whether you want to layer this necklace or leave it on its own, this is one of the best jewelry trends that really take an outfit up a notch.

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6) Pendants

You heard it here first, pendants are probably the cutest jewelry trend to date (thanks Kim Kardashian). If you’re a fan of dainty jewelry, this minimalistic pendant look is one you can’t ignore.

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7) Mix And Match

Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, and this minimalist style proves just that. Whether you like your jewelry long, short, dangly, or simple, this picture showcases it all!

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8) Rings Are Always In

Hello… we can’t forget about rings! Although the first thought that comes to mind is necklaces when we think of dainty jewelry, rings also have some dainty styles. Try out a layered ring look for a boho vibe.

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9) Give Silver A Try

Gold and rose gold are very in right now, but we can’t forget about our OG silver. If you’re a silver wearin’ girl, try out this dainty jewelry look!

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10) Very Simple

The simpler, the better and this style showcases just that!  Find a shirt that compliments the jewelry you wear, you won’t regret it!

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11) The Oval Necklace

Everyone and their Mother owns this necklace, but with good reason. An oval necklace often times represents eternity, typically, eternal love. Just like an oval, there is no beginning nor end to love. 

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12) Another Classic Pendant

If you’re a fan of pendants, this simplistic layered pendant style is so cute and goes with almost anything and everything.

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13) We Are Loving Scapular Necklaces

If you haven’t heard of scapular necklaces, then listen up. These necklaces have a pendant in both the front and back, so if you’re wearing your hair up you can show off your jewelry on both sides!

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14) Not Every Chain Needs To Be The Same

When layering jewelry, not every single chain needs to match perfectly. Try out a black chain with some gold accents, this jewelry look is one we are loving!

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15) The Perfectly Hung Piece

If you’re going to wear just a plain necklace, you want to make sure that it’s hung in a way that completes your look. We are a huge fan of this length piece!

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What do you think of this dainty jewelry? Let us know in the comment section below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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