The Cutest Ways To Style Silk Scarves

As fashion revolutionizes many garments and accessories, such as silk scarves, are being styled in ways that oppose the original intended purpose of the garment. The silk scarf, originally worn as a headdress, is an elegant accessory made in a variety of patterns and sizes. The wide range of prints adheres to many style types, making them a desirable accessory in both high fashion and street styles. The variety of elegant and more casual styles, as well as the depth of different sizes, makes the silk scarf a favorable accessory for many people.

Listed below are some examples of unique ways to style silk scarves.

1. Head Scarf

Originally made popular by Grace Kelly in the sixties, the silk headscarf has reemerged into 2019’s top style trend. The styling of these scarfs in the sixties was modern development of the babushka, a piece classically worn by Russian grandmothers. The softness of the fabric and subtleness of floral prints that make up this trendy accessory pay homage to the classy yet evolutionary styles of the sixties. Today, youthful undertones are added to the garment as the Soviet-styled accessory presents a flare of incognito vibes to any outfit, especially when paired with sunglasses, as seen on model Kendall Jenner.


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2. Head Wrap

Folded diagonally, the long side of the scarf is placed in the middle of the forehead, wrapped towards the back and tied. A tight-fitting casual style was created as a feminine adaptation of doo rags, which were used to maintain African American hairstyles. This adaptation created a cuter version of hair care for African American Women, setting them apart from men. The styling of silk scarves as head wraps also maintains roots in hippie and boho style tribes. Today this style is still common and has adapted as a popular accessory in many street styles. The head warp will compliment a variety of outfits and shows knowledge of popular fashion trends, and is sure to make you stand out, proving confidence in personal style.

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3. Tied Top

Running out of cute tops to wear? Don’t fret! Use a silk scarf to make a personalized and super cute tied top. Making these tops is easy and takes only a few seconds. Fold your scarf in half and place the crease above the bust and tie the loose ends in the back to make a triangle shapes crop top. Leave the scarf unfolded and wrap around the back and tied the loose ends together in the front so that the bust is covered and you’ll end up with a super cute top with a tie in the front. These type of silk tie tops are perfect for the summertime trips because they are lightweight and take up minimal suitcase space.


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4. Tied Around The Neck

Silk scarves tied around the neck is a classic way to add an elegant flair to any outfit. Longer scarfs add vibes of smooth luxury while shorter scarfs cast vibes of casual playfulness.

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5. Pony Tail Accessory

Use a silk scarf as a cute ponytail holder to tie up your hair. An easier and slip preventive way to incorporate this fashion into your hairstyle is to use a scarf with a pre-attached band, that acts as a scrunchie and accessory in one. These type of accessories are available in a variety of patterns, lengths, and sizes and can be purchased from many retailers such as Anthropologie and Free People.


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Use any of these examples to style your silk scarf. Try and incorporate one of these style options into any outfit to make a fashionable silky statment. Get creative and come up with new ways to integrate silk scarves into your outfit and comment your creations below.

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