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The Cutest Tops You Need In Your Wardrobe

Looking to reinvent your style? Or maybe you’re just trying to spruce up your wardrobe? You’ve come to the right place. Scroll with caution: you might be tempted to add all ten of these cute tops to your shopping cart. 

1. Vest is the Best

Starting this list strong with a vest. Though I’m not sure if they qualify as a cute top per-se, I urge you to buy one. Tailored vests are incredibly trendy right now, and they also have long-term wear. Some might argue with me here, but I don’t anticipate them ever going out of style. Vests like these pair perfectly with wide-legged trousers and a slicked-back bun. If you want to modify your look to be more business-chic, this is a great staple to have. 

2. Corsets Galore can I make a list of cute tops and not add corsets? Corset tops have been in for a while now (we have Bridgerton to thank for that), and frankly, I hope they never leave. I always feel so elegant and refined in my green Princess Polly corset. These tops are ideal for a nice spring or summer day, preferably one spent in a meadow, a palace, or any other regency-type of place. (Kidding). Throw on a pair of kitten heels, and you’re ready for the ball. 

3. Lovely Linen

Some may call these shirts “coastal grandma chic.” I call them comfy and cute tops to have in your wardrobe. There’s something about a striped blue linen shirt that makes it always in style. I like to style mine with white or beige pants, athletic sneakers, and gold hoops. Whenever I wear an outfit like that, I feel like I should be on Martha’s Vineyard. What I love about blue linens tops is that they work for beach and business looks. Talk about duality! 

4. Babydoll Tanks

Babydoll tanks invented the concept of cute tops. I mean, just look at them. So sweet. They’re perfect for when you want to emulate girl-next-door (or even coquette) vibes. In my experience, Depop usually has a lot of offers for babydoll shirts. It’s so easy to create a solid outfit with these tops: just pair them with light-washed jeans and dainty jewelry. If you happen to have a hair ribbon lying around, feel free to throw that on, too!

5. More Bodysuits, Please!

Once again, I’m not really sure if these cute tops count as actual tops. Still, I love bodysuits too much to not include them in the lineup. My favorite bodysuit is from Abercrombie, with a ruched detailing around the necklace and a sleeveless black look. Bodysuits help accentuate all your beautiful curves. I typically wear mine with a long skirt so that my figure doesn’t get lost up top. 

6. Totally Tubular

Tube tops are back, and this time, they’re here to stay. What were once the perfect shirts for a freshman year frat party are now versatile, cute tops for the summer. Tube tops can be styled to match the vibe of any place or occasion. You can wear them to the beach, to dinner, to the grocery store…anywhere! I think they look gorgeous under a blazer or with paperbag shorts. I also love that you can wear necklaces of any length with a tube top. 

7. Little White Blouse

Some people need a Little Black Dress in their closet. I, on the other hand, rely heavily on my Little White Blouse. These tasteful tops can turn even the simplest outfit into formal attire. Little White Blouses come in various styles, from those with sweetheart necklines to ones that button up.  I like white blouses that are a satiny material, but anything goes. Opt for a long sleeved shirt for extra classiness. I feel like these are essential to dark or light academia looks, but naturally, they can be styled to match any aesthetic. 

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8. All Tied Up

Hopefully, that doesn’t sound too suggestive. I’m a big fan of halter tops, and an even bigger fan of those that tie in the back. I especially love ones with bright, eye-catching patterns. I own a psychedelic orange and pink halter top from Zara that I’ve worn to death. These are perfect for darty season, or if you want something fun to wear on vacation. Pair them with white bottoms and you’re good to go.

9. Turtleneck Tank cute tops are a must-have. The best part about a turtleneck tank is its potential for layering. Leather blazers, cardigans, puffer jackets…everything looks good with a sleeveless turtleneck. My Abercrombie halter turtleneck is dependable for any season of the year; if I’m cold, I’ll throw on something over it. If I’m warm, I’ll wear the tank on its own with some black biker shorts. I challenge you to see how many outfits you can make out of this. 

10. Last but not Least: the Graphic Tee

I don’t use the word “iconic” a lot, but I feel like it applies to some graphic tees. The cheesier they are, the better (at least, in my opinion). I love a good gimmick on mine, whether it says “Princess” or a quote from The Office. I’m planning on buying a shirt off of Etsy that states, “Reading is Sexy.” If you want to make less of a statement, college and touristy shirts are safe bets. Graphic tees are always good to have for those days where you don’t feel like dressing up. Of course, you can wear them with a casual skirt if you aren’t digging sweatpants. 

Each of these ten tops are totally worth investing in. They’re all timeless and easy to style with anything…and not to mention, adorable. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, and experiment with different cuts and styles! Whatever you choose to wear, I’m sure you’ll look great in it. 

Let me know what other tops we should add to our shopping lists! Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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