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The Cutest Tiny Tattoo Trends For You To Check Out

The Cutest Tiny Tattoo Trends For You To Check Out

Tiny tattoos are the cutest and latest trend. They’re great if you’re not sure about a giant tattoo piece, want some artwork that can be easily concealed, or just love the tiny trend.

I personally love these small tattoos.  A few years ago, I saw some tiny tattoo artwork online and thought it was so perfect for me because I didn’t want to take up a big space on my body but still wanted to get something meaningful and beautiful to have forever. When I took the inspiration to multiple tattoo artists, I got told that the artwork was too small, most shops have a size minimum, or even that it would be better and worth the shop price minimum if it was a little bigger.

However, now that this trend has become so popular in recent years, I feel like tattoo shops are more accommodating to the tiny tattoo trend. This is good news for those of you are looking into getting a tiny tattoo.


There are so many things to consider when you want your tiny tattoo. There is placement, color, linework, style, even the size matters to determine just how tiny you want your tattoo. Let’s look at the latest trends surrounding tiny tattoos to see which ones you like!

Finger placement

One of the most popular placements for tiny tattoos is on the hands and fingers. You’ve probably seen these cute, candid photos of people’s hands showing off their tiny tattoos. It makes sense for this kind of placement as if it’s going to be small and intimate, it might as well be in a place that you can see every day.

Like most tiny tattoos, the artwork on your fingers can be uplifting reminders, religious symbols, simplistic pictures or symbols, numbers, letters, and so on. The fingers are a great place for a small tattoo because they fit perfectly in a smaller space.


Wrist placement

Another popular and great place for your tiny tattoo is just a little further up from your hand. The wrist is a good place, not only for you to see every day but to show off to the world as well. Unlike the fingers, the wrist has a little bit more space for a word, short quote, or a larger picture or symbol while still keeping the small size. Like the fingers, you can place your tiny tattoo on the front, back, side, or any way around really which makes it all the more unique to you.

Ankle placement

For more of a subtle placement, the ankle makes a great spot. This placement is most popularly used for symbols, pictures, or designs, as you are not really going to be able to read something that is so low to the ground. Also, this place is one of the more sensitive or painful areas as it is close to many bones and thin skin, so just be prepared!

Hip placement

This is definitely a more personal, intimate tiny tattoo placement. You’ll only really be able to show it off to significant others or when you’re in a swimsuit, which is totally fine! But if you’re looking for something to show off on the daily, this probably isn’t the best choice.


However, it is super cute and is great for a special word or symbol that means a lot to you. It is also great for something sweet or pretty like flowers or something along those lines. Whatever you want really will look great here. Also, be sure to prepare yourself and make sure you are extremely comfortable exposing that part of your body when getting it done.


Color always costs extra for tattoos. Subtle hints of color can make tiny tattoos all the more special. When you have a tiny tattoo, you’re not working with a lot to add or make the color pop. However, if done right, color can make your tattoo more unique and beautiful with the added detail. So, it’s important to weigh your options when it comes to color.

Overall, color has been popular in tiny tattoos. More popular than single or natural colors? No. It’s important to weigh your options when it comes to color.



Tiny tattoos are known for their simplicity, that’s what makes them so popular. Not only does it make them easier to get done and but also they’re cheaper (less wait time due to lack of shading, detail, color, and quick linework).

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There is also something about the simplicity that makes them even more appealing than being easy and cheap. It just looks better. The simple drawing, design, symbol, or word looks so good against the plain background that is your skin looks sophisticated, clean, and stands out more. If you agree with this look, try it out and keep it simple!


Details, linework

The other side of the tiny tattoo coin is the details and the attention to linework. This is just as popular as the simplicity because it is amazing to see such intricacy on such small artwork. If you’re looking for something with more detail, this trend is something you should look into. There are many designs and ideas you can find online that can be made into tiny versions.


Most tiny tattoos are nature-based. This means flowers, trees, moons, suns, plants, and so on. There’s something so candid, and aesthetically pleasing about having these little nature pieces on you.


More popular than long quotes, an uplifting or meaningful word or phrase says it all in a tiny tattoo. It gives off a, “Say no more. This one word is all I need” vibe which is beyond cool.



Another perfect design for a tiny tattoo is a number. This is popular and on-trend with the tiny tattoo, not to mention how cute it is!

Deep meaning

Tiny tattoos with deep meaning have become so popular. It is the perfect way to express your message in the simplest, most beautiful way possible. You’ve probably seen the famous, meaningful semi-colon tattoo for awareness, affirmation, and solidarity against suicide, addiction, and other mental illness. Tiny tattoos like this have the biggest meaning and even impact. This trend is by far one of the best for tiny tattoos.

Which one of these tiny tattoo trends do you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below!

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