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The Cutest Swim Suits You’ll Want For Spring Break

College students always look forward to spring break! The vacations, warm weather and of course the decision on what swim suit to wear down by the beach! We have one week away from school and from all our responsibilities, and we want to look cute doing it. Getting ready for spring break means finding the cutest swim suits for you to bring, but that can sometimes be overwhelming to do all alone! The bright colors, crazy patterns or edgy designs…it can be hard to find what is right for you! That is why we are here to help you prep for your spring break!

1. Neon String Swim Suit

This is a classic and it seems to never go out of style! It’s one of the cutest swim suits for spring break because it’s sassy and bold! You’ll stick out from the crowd with the neon colors, plus bright colors always help with looking more tan. Try out the look below to be looking the chicest on the beach! Pair it with a cute sneaker, or platform sandal and your cutest pair of shades.

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2. Leopard Print Swim Suit

Be sassy and fierce in a leopard print swim suit. This is one of the cutest swim suits because it’s flirty and fun! Enjoy your spring break with everyone wanting your look. This swim suit can come in many different leopard print patterns as well as the print size changing, so you will definitely find your suit! Pair this swim suit with some cute wedges and strut your stuff! You’ll be the fiercest one near the pool and definitely grab everyone’s attention!

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3. Strappy One Piece Swim Suit

A strappy one-piece is one of the cutest swim suits because it’s sexy and sophisticated. The straps make it a sexy design that everyone should pack for their spring break trip! One-pieces are also perfect because you can just add bottoms and it works as an outfit for the time being! Get this one piece now and pair it with a simple necklace!

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4. Floral Swim Suit

The cutest swim suit is the floral design! It screams spring break with the florals. It shows you are sweet and carefree, which makes it perfect for a spring break trip! You can chose a more simple floral like the one below, or you can do a bright busy floral that is more playful. Grab a sheer coverup and walk down to the beach because you will be looking effortless!

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5. Bright Stripes Swim Suit

A bright stripe swim suit is playful and vibrant! It is one of the cutest swim suits because it is an attention-getter and a conversation starter. You’ll be sure to get some compliments when wearing this swim suit and you’ll definitely look made for the beach in it. Pair it with a cute necklace and flip flops for a casual cute look!

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6. Little Black Swim Suit

Simple and sexy. This little black classic is the cutest swim suit for your spring break! The little black swim suit is simple and always a classic for some hot tubbing. It would be perfect for a night swim, or daytime mimosas by the pool. You’ll look chic and have everyone turning their heads. Pair the swim suit with black sunglasses and a bright shoe to give the look a pop!

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7. Simple One-Piece Swim Suit

Simple is the cutest swimsuit choice for a day full of adventures while you are on your spring break! If you have a busy day full of activities then you will want a swim suit that is reliable, but still super cute! Chose a simple one piece that will support you throughout your day of swimming, surfing, scuba diving, and any other adventure!

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8. Smoked Bandeau Swim Suit

A smoke bandeau is one of the cutest swim suits because it is playful and fun. The smoked bandeau is usually pretty comfy and seems to never slip down! They also usually come with attachable straps which can come in handy if you have a lot planned for your spring break! Pair the smoked bandeau swimsuit with some bangles to finish off this feminine look!

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9. Mix & Match Swim Suit

Mix and match patterns are one of the cutest swimsuits because it stands out and looks original! You can do a floral top and striped bottoms, or a solid bottom with an animal print top. Whatever prints, patterns or colors you chose it will be a fun look! There is no right or wrong when creating this suit. Pair this look with a fun wedge and some bright sunglasses to complete the style!

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10. High Wasted Swim Suit

The cutest swimsuits are ones you can be confident in! The high wasted swimsuit sometimes just gives us that extra oomph! It shows off all the right places and can leave us wanting to strut our stuff down the beach. It’s perfect for spring break and they are super cute! Get ready to take on your day in this high wasted swimsuit!

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11. Checkerboard Swim Suit

The checkerboard pattern is one of the cutest swimsuits for spring break because it brings you back to the 1940s. The checkerboard pattern feels vintage, but a kind of vintage that is good! It makes you want to bring out your retro vibe. Pair the checkboard swimsuit with some big round sunglasses and some wedges to complete the 1940’s look!

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These are some of the cutest swimsuits for this spring. Don’t stress yourself out on which one to chose. Make it easy and pick all your favs. Make sure to get one, or all the styles and comment below on your favorite!

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