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The Cutest Parks In Bellingham, Washington

The Cutest Parks In Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham, WA is home to many parks, with a good amount being near or in the city which makes it convenient for college students without cars to visit them. If you have a car, you can go out and visit all the parks when you have time, and I definitely recommend doing that because the beauty of them should not be  left alone, go out and appreciate them! Here are some of the cutest parks in Bellingham, Washington.

Marine Park

Located at 200 Harris Ave. Bellingham, WA 98225 this is one of my favorite spots in all of Bellingham.

There’s beach access, it’s close to the ferry terminal, has a covered picnic area and a good amount of makeshift seats along the beach. One thing I love about this park is that is has an amazing view of the surrounding islands and gives a great view of Bellingham Bay. Not many people usually come here to sit and hang out with friends, so it’s usually quiet and peaceful. I love coming here for lunch breaks (when I have time) or to meditate and take alone time. There’s a good amount of parking and people are always coming and going so securing a spot shouldn’t be difficult!


This is a must visit for a gorgeous sunset, a cute date or if you need some alone time in nature.

Boulevard Park

Located at 470 Bayview Dr. Bellingham, WA 98225 this is the most iconic park in all of Bellingham. It’s super cute, has a Woods Coffee Shop, a large playground for kids, a small stage for performances, lots of empty space, a boat launch, a small pebble beach and it connects to a boardwalk that when taken will take you to Fairhaven!


This is a must visit for Bellingham residents and for anyone that’s just visiting. Everyone who lives here has been here at least 10 times to catch a gorgeous sunset or study with friends. Occasionally slackliners will set up between the few trees here and it’s always fun watching them practice! This spot is one of the nicest public access sunset viewing spots in Bellingham. You have a gorgeous view of Bellingham Bay and the surrounding islands. Parking is limited and as of October 2019 construction is going on which limits parking even more. Walking is a great alternative, but expect walking up lots of hills on the way back to wherever you came from.

This is an iconic park that everyone has to visit! Definitely check it out and spend a few hours relaxing and taking in the beauty that Bellingham has to offer here.


Bloedel Donovan Park

Located at 2114 Electric Ave. Bellingham, WA 98225 this park is a cute and wonderful place to host parties or barbeques!

This place has a beach lake access, a boat launch, plenty of picnic tables, grills, beach volleyball, a playground and there’s lots of open grass!

Many of my friends have hosted barbeques here using the grills provided. You just have to bring your own charcoal and other grilling utensils and it’s good to go! I personally love coming here during the spring or summer time and going swimming in Lake Whatcom! There are two docks you can jump off and and it’s a great way to cool off in the hotter months and the first time I go there during the spring basically signifies the start of summer for me.


You should check out this cute park, especially if you love hanging out with groups of friends or want a public place to host a party!

Big Rock Garden Park

Located at 2900 Sylvan St. Bellingham, WA 98225 this park is a cute date idea or if you want to catch up with a friend.


There are sculptures throughout the whole park which provides for a nice conversation and it cute and quirky at the same time. The park is pretty small, but that’s one thing that makes it cute! You can stroll around the park, looking at the sculptures to talk if the conversation dies down, or just casually chat. I say go here for a date because there’s something to talk about if the conversation dies, but it’s also pretty intimate and no one ever goes here.

Love taking people who have never been here before to this park. There’s parking which is nice for those driving. It is tucked away in a neighborhood near Lake Whatcom, and it may be difficult to see from the street, but be patient and take your time and you’ll find it!

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Zuanich Point Park

Located at 2600 N Harbor Loop Dr. Bellingham, WA 98255 this park is hands down my favorite park in all of Bellingham. You get a gorgeous view of the bay which means you can watch the sunset, on a clear day you can see Mount Baker in the distance, there are cool looking boats docked nearby because the harbor is right next to it and so much more.

There’s so much open space, so you can lounge and bring a group of friends here. Usually, there’s not as many people here as Boulevard Park (which I mentioned earlier) which is something I love about it. You get the beauty of the bay without the business of all the people. Parking is almost always available so that’s another bonus. It is farther from the Western Washington University campus, but if you don’t mind walking through downtown or can drive it’s worth it.


People are also always flying kites when the skies are clear and there’s a nice breeze, so that’s always fun to watch! This is my favorite spot to study in the spring time and my favorite place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle at any other time. It’s cute and perfect and you should check it out.

Happy Valley Park

Located at 2700 Donovan Ave. Bellingham, WA 98225 this park is great for a quick and short walk through the neighborhood, for kids or for hanging out with friends.


The park is conveniently located near lots of apartments and houses, so if you live near Fairhaven or the south side of Bellingham, you can easily walk to this park. There’s no street parking, so if you drive you have to park a ways away and walk to the park. It’s definitely used more as a shortcut through the area, but there’s a large open field that can be used for a picnic or playing catch or frisbees with friends.

I personally love using this as a place to jog and get through parts of town, but have definitely thought of using it as a place to hang out with friends or bring pets if I had any! You should check it out if you live in Bellingham because it’s super cute and small!


Cute is definitely subjective, and you should go check out all the parks in Bellingham, WA! There are just the cutest parks in Bellingham, WA in my opinion because they’re easy to get to when you don’t have a car and I can spend hours at most of them studying, hanging out with friends, relaxing or go on a date there. Leave a comment below if you’ve visited any of them and what you think!

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