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The Cutest Dorm Room Plants To Liven Up Your Living Space

The Cutest Dorm Room Plants To Liven Up Your Living Space

Are you a plant lover? Do you want to incorporate some nature into your living space while you’re away at university? Or are you just unsure of how to decorate your dorm room so you believe that bringing plants into the space will do the trick? If you’re answer was “yes” to these three questions, then that makes me happy because I am a lover of all plants and have the PERFECT Dorm Room Plants for you. I had them in my college dorm room and you have to have them in yours. Some people will probably ask: “Why do you have plants in your room?” Well, I have an answer. Plants (and I mean real ones) provide oxygen to your small living corridors. I must not forget to mention that they have many health benefits as well.

Do you get stressed easily? Need help focusing on your studies? Get sick more than the average person (that’s me) and just want to have clean air in your room? Plants are the absolute perfect solution (and answer) to these questions. Plants provide air purification, increase your focus and help make you less stressed and anxiety ridden, and decrease the likelihood of you possibly getting sick. You’re in your room almost every day, right? Why not have clean air and beautiful pieces of décor in your room—and by décor, I mean plants. If don’t like the real ones, that go right ahead and purchase the fake ones. Those alone will last you you’re entire year at school so you don’t have to keep buying new ones.


Snake Plant
The Spruce / Alonda Baird

Who wouldn’t want a plant in their room that is called the Snake? This plant is one of the most popular of houseplants. Their leaves can grow anywhere from six inches to eight feet tall and they come in a variety of colors although the most commonly one is green. They’re easy to grow and take care of, so if you have a busy weekend ahead of you, don’t fret as they flourish in either very bright or dark corners. Are you afraid of the leaves growing too fast or just don’t want them long at all? If you have this plant in the sunlight, take it to a dark place and it will help slow the growth. How to take care of it? Although it’s drought resistant, like all other plants, it’s easy to overwater, so just be careful. Only want the snake plant when the soil looks dry and just because you think it needs water. In the summer months, you can water this plant every two weeks. How cool is that?   




I personally love a good succulent. Or succulents. These are the most ideal type of Dorm Room Plants because they’re easy to take care of, incredibly affordable and they’re cute! These plants can help you maintain a low stress level all while helping you focus on your work. Although almost every plant needs water and sunlight, it’s best to know that succulents only need approximately six hours of sunlight daily which means the best place for these Dorm Room Plants are on or near your window. What is good to know is that they can store a lot of water in their thick leaves. Did you have a late night studying and completely forget to water your succulent? Don’t worry too much as it is probably just fine and you can water it when you arrive back home.


Heart Leaf Plant
The Spruce / Alexandra Shytsman

First off, these plants are beautiful! They’re large, green and if you want a tropical vibe feel in your dorm room, then this should be your plant of choice! Have allergies? Allergic to dust? Then this this Dorm Room Plants helps clean the air—perfect if your dorm room is the hot spot and where everyone likes to hang out and chill. An important thing to know is that they are toxic to pets and humans if consumed. Although, I doubt you would have an animal in your living space anyways! This plant is low maintenance, so if you have a busy schedule during the week, you don’t have to worry too much. When it’s warm, make sure to keep it near a sunny window so that it gets plenty of sunlight and outside so that it’s able to breath and get some fresh air. Direct sunlight is a no-no though because it’s leaves are fragile and can break easily.


ZZ Plant
The Spruce / Anastasiia Tretiak

What is one of my favorite plants you ask? It’s the ZZ. The ultimate perfect Dorm Room Plants. This is perfect for any dorm room because they are low maintenance, slow growing are beautiful because of their shiny leaves. In order to take care of this plant, water it every couple of weeks and give it ample light. What is cool about this plant is that it stores water underneath the soil, so just be wary about over watering it. A good thing to know is that they do grow to be about four feet tall, so the best place for the ZZ Plant would be somewhere in the corner of your dorm room.

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Aloe Vera Plant
Aloe Vera Plant

Lastly, we have the aloe vera plant. I think this is one fo the most beautiful plants to have in a dorm room. They’re simple, can be placed almost anywhere and god-for-bid you get a terrible sunburn, you have aloe right at your fingertips—well, dorm room at least. In the end, it’s a great Dorm Room Plants that you’ll want to keep around during your time at college. When watering, make sure that the soil is completely dry. It doesn’t need constant watering—every couple of weeks will suffice. Fun fact? Did you know that it takes approximately 3-4 years for an aloe vera plant to be fully grown? Many people like these plants indoors, but if’s outside, then it will grow a lot quicker.

What’s your favorite dorm room plant? Do you prefer to have fake plants in your living space instead? Tell us below in the comments.