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The Cutest Desk Accessories You’ll Want In Your Dorm Room

Desk accessories are probably the last thing you think to pack, let alone shop for. However, your desk is probably where you’ll spend most of your time in your dorm room during the school year. You’ll be at your desk to study, do your hair, do your makeup, work on your computer, and so on. So, why not decorate your desk with cute items that will brighten up your day and complete your whole room. Here are the cutest accessories you’ll want in your dorm room this year!

1. Succulent

Succulents have become an extremely popular decor item. They come in many different shapes, sizes, designs, and types. Not to mention, they’re incredibly cute! They provide a clean, natural aesthetic that completes any space. Also, if you aren’t particularly good at caring for a plant, you can even buy artificial (fake or plastic) ones that still give you that same earthy aesthetic. Add these to your desk to liven up your room.

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2. Clock

A cute clock not only helps you keep track of and manage your time, but it is also a simple piece the ties the whole desk together. They are becoming even more unique, as not many people use or display clocks that much anymore. This will add some vintage touches to your life, and also help you stay organized throughout your day.

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3. Calendar

Desk calendars can not only be aesthetically pleasing, but they can help you stay organized and on track during the school year. There is something about looking at a physical calendar that makes things more clear for us, especially if you can write on it. Calendars come in all different shapes, sizes and patterns. You can have a small stand-up calendar, one to hang on your wall by your desk and more. For this example, we’ll look at a large, flat calendar that is good for writing on.

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4. Edison Lamp

Lamps are obviously important for lighting purposes, but they are also super cute and can match your room’s aesthetic. Lamps are almost always a focal point for rooms, so they should be a staple that draws the eye and brings the whole desk look together. The lamp that goes with everything, that can be added to many different designs, and that matches many aesthetics is the Edison lamp. This lamp may appear simple, but it provides the proper lighting as well as a sense of uniqueness that you don’t always see in lamps nowadays.

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5. Drawer Organizer

You don’t think of buying decorations for the inside of your desk. However, utilizing the space within your desk can be important to keep things neat and organized. That’s where a drawer organizer can come in handy. This cute accessory can come in many stylish forms and colors to match your aesthetic easily. Simply buy one that fits the size of your drawer, and begin organizing your school supplies, makeup, and other miscellaneous items in a functional, stylish way.

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6. Fake Flowers

Flowers provide an uplifting, beautiful, natural vibe to any room. However, they do die fairly quickly, and taking care of them can be hard for a college student. Fortunately, there are beautiful fake flowers that you can buy and decorate with that still have the same effect (but without the hassle). Adding a small vase of flowers to your desk can make it feel so homey and cute. Mix and match different colors and types of flowers to find an arrangement that fits your personality the best.

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7. Basket Organizers

Your desk can start to get cluttered with books, papers, binders, and other school supplies throughout the year. The desk is the focal point of your dorm room and, with limited room in and around the desk, it’s important to find new ways to stay organized and add space. A basket organizer for on top of your desk is the perfect way to do so. These come in many different designs and colors, so there is sure to be one that matches the rest of your desk decorations.

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8. Felt Letter Board

Every desk needs a cute sign with an uplifting message — one you can look at during those hard college times that will improve your mood and lift your spirits. What if you had one that is not an image, but a board that you can create your own message on and change whenever you want? These fun decor items exist! They’re called letter boards, and they come if different colors and are totally inexpensive. They add some creative, fun energy to your room and really complete the whole desk aesthetic.

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9. Small String Lights

In addition to your lamp, small string lights add a cozy, warm feel your desk area. You can string these around the wall in front of your desk, the pictures, or you can simply lie them across the desk entirely. The great thing about string lights is how easy they are to set up, not to mention how good they look — no matter how you display them. It’s important to make sure you have thin, wiry string lights so they don’t overpower or crowd your desk area. Enjoy the extra soft, relaxing light around your desk!

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10. Polaroid Photos

Polaroids are a great decor item, as they are small and can be placed anywhere. Whether they’re placed in tiny frames, hung on a string, or pasted on the wall in front of your desk, polaroids are trendy and can really spice up your desk area. If you don’t have any polaroids to display, you can always use printed photos you have. This decor also adds a personal touch to your desk area. Who doesn’t love looking at pictures of friends, family and memories that make you happy every day? For this, we will be looking at items that allow you to hang these photos, but you can use whatever photo display decoration you like most.

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Which one of these cute desk accessories are you going to add to your dorm room? Let us know in the comment section!

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