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The Cutest Booties To Get You Through The End Of Winter & Into Spring

Buying one or ten pairs of booties this Fall to wear throughout winter and spring is a must-have for every fashionista’s wardrobe. Booties come in so many different styles and materials that you are bound to find a perfect pair for you! The cutest booties will catch people’s attention and leave them wanting your style! Booties are great because they are super trendy and tend to be more comfortable than your high heels. They give you more support with a thicker heal and usually have good padding inside the shoe. Plus, there are so many options of booties out there! Classic leather or suede? Animal print or studded? Whatever your style is we got you covered, read below to see the cutest booties for this year.

1. Classic Suede Bootie

These booties seem to look perfect with any outfit. These are a classic bootie that you can see walking the streets every day. Being classic doesn’t mean boring though with these suede booties. With a neutral color or beige or brown, they can match with just about any look! They are subtle, but still a classic look! You can get a pair with a subtle point at the toes or a rounded toe bootie. You can walk around in these booties for a night out, or during mimosas with friends! Want to really make the look fabulous? Then add a big hat, or a flashy necklace and strut your stuff. Tie these booties with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a comfy knit sweater, and get ready to take on the day!

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2. Peep-Toe Bootie

These booties are just as stylish, but you can show off your fabulous pedicure, too. When spring rolls around, so does the warmer weather so these are a great shoe to kick off the season. Peep-toe booties come in a variety of materials like leather, suede or even animal print! They come in many neutral colors so they are great for everyday use. Make sure to get the pair that blends with your personality. Buy a flashier pair if you want to be bold, or get a neutral pair if you want to be able to wear them more. The peep-toe can be brought out closer to spring so your toes don’t get cold! Add your favorite jewelry and purse to complete the look. Cuff up your jeans and put on your favorite blouse, and you are all ready to begin your day!

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3. Animal/Snakeskin Print Bootie

Feeling a little fierce and want to make a bold statement? The animal print bootie is perfect for an edgy confident look. You can find booties with a snakeskin design on them, or a variety of animal prints like zebra and leopard. These are fun looks that are best to put on when you want to stand out. Be bold at work and pair them with a blazer and jeans. If you are going out for the night with friends then put on some black pants and pair it with any colored shirt for the “oh I love her outfit” response.

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4. Black Sock Bootie

A sleek black sock bootie is the perfect shoe to get for this winter and spring. These black sock booties are a classic and are great for any outfit. The bootie is snug around the ankle which makes it work well with any pants or skirt. Wear it with black skinny jeans to create a seamless look. Flare jeans also look chic since these booties are snug, no part of the shoe will be bulking out of the jean. Combining a pair of black jeans with these black sock booties also gives the appearance of longer legs. Finish the outfit off with a big jacket or patterned scarf for a voguish look.

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5. Mule Booties

These are the cutest booties because if paired with the right outfit they are trendy and chic. These slip-on booties expose the heel, but they are also super comfy so don’t let the design fool you! You can rock this in the spring with a carefree look by adding a bright skirt or a pair of skinny jeans. You can add them with a long bohemian dress too. They pull any outfit together. These are a good choice because they come in so many colors, designs and materials! The leather ones look sleek and are sure to catch an eye because they stand out from other booties with their unique back. The mule booties also come with no strap in the back and also some are designed with a lower heel so you will be able to find the exact pair to fit your style!

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6. Fringe Booties

Another one of the cutest booties is the fringe bootie. They add a touch of western-chic flare into your outfit. The fringe on them makes them stick out from other plain booties, so if you want to make a fearless move, then try out these booties to differ from the crowd. Most of these fringe booties come in suede, but there are still many different looks to them and you can find pairs in leather, too! Many of the fringe booties come in solid colors like black, brown, beige and grey so they are great for everyday use since you can combine them with multiple outfits. They also have fringe booties without the thick heel, so they’re flatter. The flat bootie would work well if you are on your feet a lot during the day. Pair your fringe bootie with a leather jacket for the complete look. No matter what kind of pair you chose you’ll definitely be rocking the Western-chic vibe!

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At least one of these booties will fit your personality. These are the cutest booties to buy for this spring, so make sure to go find your pair. Comment below what your favorite pair of booties were!

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