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The Cutest 90s TV Show Couples

The Cutest 90s TV Show Couples

The 90s were great for a number of reasons and I’m sure my fellow 90s babies will agree with me. From the fashion, the music, the trends (large hair clips, dark lipstick) and most importantly, the films and the TV shows. I myself have a special soft spot for TV shows from past decades, take the 50s, 60s, and 70s. But perhaps because I myself was forged in the 1990s, I definitely relate a little more to the 90s TV shows – take Saved by the Bell, Friends, Boy Meets World and Beverly Hills 90210. 

In this list, we commemorate our favourite TV show couples from the 1990s, those that were so cute we would cry during their bigger, memorable moments, during their breakups and even at their weddings. 

1. Zack and Kelly

From episode one of Saved by the Bell, we find out that Zack has a crippling crush on Kelly Kapowski, whom he devises a plan to win over before starting high school. Kelly is also part of his group of friends, but she struggles to decide who she likes better when AC Slater arrives at Bayside High. Season 1 is spent focusing on the competition between Zack and Slater, but soon enough Kelly, chooses Zack, thus beginning one of the cutest romances and iconic TV show couples of ’90s TV show history.

Through many ups and downs, including Kelly being offered a modeling contract overseas and Kelly soon cheating on Zack in Season 2, the two finally reunite by the final season and spend their final days of high school together as Bayside’s most “beloved couple”. If you’re a diehard fan, you’ve probably even seen that Zack and Kelly get married in Vegas in Saved by the Bell: The College Years. So there’s no doubt these two are one of the most fairytale couples to come out of television. 

The Cutest 90s TV Show Couples

2. Cory and Topanga

Staying on the kids’ TV show couples from the ’90s, we now move the ever heart-touching Boy Meets World. Part of the glory of this cute ’90s TV show is that our protagonist Cory seems pretty set on Topanga as the love of his life from the age of 12. The two have known each other all their lives and begin a lasting relationship during their high school years. Topanga even proposes to Cory at their high school graduation, but do not marry until later in their college years. 

The two face many struggles, such as Cory accidentally cheating on Topanga at a ski lodge, Topanga’s parents going through a divorce, causing Topanga to call off her to marriage to Cory, and numerous points of jealousy. Despite it all, the two share a love that bonds them together all their lives and from the recent spinoff, Girl Meets World, it has definitely been confirmed that these two are living their happily ever after. 

The Cutest 90s TV Show Couples

3. Ross and Rachel

There have been some recent internet theories that Ross and Rachel actually aren’t the best pairing of the ’90s TV show Friends. While I do agree to some point that Ross had some controlling tendencies, I still believe these two share a gorgeous love story. Ross had an enormous crush on Rachel since their high school days, and despite Rachel knowing this the whole time, she does not develop feelings for him until the end of season 1. 

Even though these two do not last long in the series as a couple (just about a year really), but because they later accidentally get married in Vegas, and have a child together, it’s quite obvious these two will be endgame, as they always somehow find their way back to one another.

By the end of the final season, the two share a heartfelt goodbye before Rachel leaves for Paris, but Rachel does not have the heart to tell him how much she loves him before boarding the plane, despite Ross revealing his feelings for her. In a dramatic climax, Rachel returns to Ross and tells him she loves him too, thus the series ends. I do believe these two share a love story that while has had its ups and downs, is all worth it in the end.

The Cutest 90s TV Show Couples

4. Dylan and Brenda

I know Brenda and Dylan from Beverly Hills 90210 weren’t actually endgame, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t the best or cutest couple from this hit ’90s TV show. It’s obvious Brenda develops a gigantic crush on Dylan from the moment she lays on eyes on him, and of course, the feeling is mutual.

The two have a pretty intense first date, with Dylan getting into a fight with his dad and yelling and screaming at poor Brenda. Despite scaring her, the two share a passionate kiss and thus begin a pretty intense relationship. 

The two don’t seem to be endgame, but I’m absolutely certain this would have happened if it hadn’t been for Shannen Doherty’s (the actress who plays Brenda) complications with the producers of Beverly Hills 90210. Because of this, Brenda couldn’t return after her departure, and the two could never complete their love story. Of course, Dylan marries Kelly, but I will always be a Dylan and Brenda fan. 

The Cutest 90s TV Show Couples

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5. Jesse and Becky

By season 2 of Full House, it seemed like Jesse’s womanising days were over when he met the beautiful Becky. Becky is super skeptical of Jesse at first because of his bad boy and womanising ways, but this doesn’t stop Jesse from chasing her and hoping she’ll accept a date with him.

The two finally begin dating and have a super stable relationship throughout the rest of the show. They teach us so much about nurturing a relationship through tough times, such as low incomes, sudden fame, parenting and so much more. They are absolutely adorable and have totally captured our hearts as one of the most iconic TV show couples of the 1990s. 

The Cutest 90s TV Show Couples

6. Chandler and Monica

I can’t really talk about my favourite ’90s TV show couples without talking about Chandler and Monica, also from the iconic TV series Friends. Nobody ever saw this relationship coming, and we weren’t complaining when it did. 

Throughout the first half of the series, Monica and Chandler joke about being together but Monica can never see it happening because Chandler is just too Chandler. However after a drunken night at Ross’s wedding in London, the two sleep together for fun but soon begin to develop feelings for one another. 

Perhaps because this was not such an obvious pairing, this is what makes Chandler and Monica such a great couple. They were best friends first, and this just naturally blossomed into love. The kind of romance most of us absolutely dream of. 

The Cutest 90s TV Show Couples

Which ’90s TV show do you love to binge-watch? Who’s your favorite couple? Let us know in the comments down below!

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