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The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Tutorials Guaranteed To Scare Every One

The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Tutorials Guaranteed To Scare Every One

Who wants to be basic for Halloween? NO ONE. This is the time where you need to be as extra as possible. If you’re in college, Halloween is the craziest holiday of the year. There are wild house parties, the clubs are packed to the gills, and the outfits and makeup are so on point. My Instagram feed was always flooded with Halloween pics the weekend before, during, and after the actual spooky day. Maybe it’s because I went to college in the middle of nowhere (what else are you supposed to do besides drink?!), but this holiday is serious business.

If you really want to make a statement, you need a makeup look that’s as fierce as your costume idea. Your costume won’t be complete without it! Don’t feel like buying three different costumes for all the parties you’re going to? Just wear one and switch up your makeup looks. There are plenty of tutorials here that will get you inspired! Some are spooky, sexy, but most of all, they’re a lot of fun. Get your brushes ready, ladies and gents! You definitely won’t have to worry about someone else copying your style with these fabulous Halloween makeup tutorials.

Bloody Face

No, I do not mean you’ll be dressing up as the terrifying serial killer from American Horror Story. This look is actually even more scary, in my opinion! It looks like layers of your face have been peeled off and left to rot on your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. The only thing that’s spared from the gory, bloody scene is your eyes, which will look gorgeous, of course, in sparkly shadows.

Who says you can’t be a zombie-type creature and still be sexy? This look doesn’t require too many products, but you will probably need to head to a beauty supply store. I’d be a little concerned if you had gooey, sticky, blood-red makeup products just laying around your bathroom. Watch the tutorial (it’s the first one in the video) here.

The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Tutorials Guaranteed To Scare Every OneMummy

If you’re the type of person that wants to slap on a pair of ears and a short dress and head out into the night, this is not the Halloween makeup tutorial for you. There is nothing sexy about this look. It is pure terror. It’s actually so scary to me I probably would run away from whoever I saw wearing this if I were a small child. It’s for sure not a simple look by any means, so head to Sally beauty ASAP and stock up on all the products you need. I’m guessing it probably takes an hour or so to really nail this look, so patience is absolutely required.

What I like about this Halloween makeup tutorial is that it’s so complex it’s pretty much an outfit in and of itself. I’m not saying you can just walk out the door completely nude (at least wear underwear, please!) But an all-black or white outfit will probably do the trick. Everyone will be so impressed with this look no matter what kind of clothes you decide to wear. See how to get the look here.

The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Tutorials Guaranteed To Scare Every One

The All-Seeing Eye

This Halloween makeup tutorial is spooky, trippy, and will definitely draw some stares. A true witchy woman sees everything even when she’s sleeping, so this look will help you get to that state. Draw an eye on your lips, including false lashes, to let everyone know you can see all their secrets. It’s a spooky way to make a statement! What I like about this look is it leaves your eyes open to create whatever look you want.

You can easily make this super sexy, and even witchier, by drawing on a smokey eye and going crazy with highlighter and bronzer to glow like the true queen you are. This look might not have everyone terrified of your presence, but at least they’ll know they can’t get away with much if you have an eye literally popping out of your lip! See the tutorial here.

The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Tutorials Guaranteed To Scare Every One

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Melting Face

We all know what it feels like to have your makeup completely melt off your face when you’re in the middle of the summer heat, but have you ever wondered what it looks like to actually have your face melt off? This look will achieve just that. The eye makeup is totally on point, and I love the drippy foundation. It’s fun, sexy, and a great conversation starter!

I love that there’s room to play with whatever kind of eye look you want, so it can match whatever costume you’re wearing. You probably already have all the products you need to try out this look (besides the white face paint, which you can easily find at any makeup store), so why not give it a shot?! Get the full tutorial (it’s the second clip in the video) here.

The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Tutorials Guaranteed To Scare Every One

Joker Mouth

This isn’t quite as clown-y as the actual joker, but it’s definitely still scary. It takes some serious effort to get it right (it took me like 5 tries to actually nail it when I tried it!) So go easy on yourself. This definitely isn’t a last-minute kind of Halloween makeup tutorial. Give yourself plenty of time, and make sure you have all of the products that she uses in the video to get the same effects. You don’t want to be skipping any steps here!

Definitely don’t wear this to a party if you plan on kissing anybody. They’ll end up with fake blood, that actually looks frighteningly real, all over their face! It’s a fun look to try when you’re feeling extra spooky. Make it even scarier by covering the rest of your face in white face paint. Watch the tutorial, which starts at 2:59 here. The whole video has tons of other great, and scary, ideas for Halloween makeup. Don’t let the title fool you, though. They are anything but easy!

The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Tutorials Guaranteed To Scare Every One

Which of these Halloween makeup tutorials are you going to try? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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