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The Coolest Celebrity Tattoos We Are Loving

The Coolest Celebrity Tattoos We Are Loving

The Coolest Celebrity Tattoos We Are Loving

Tattoos are the coolest. No doubt about it! They’re thoughtful, artistic (a bit expensive) and celebrities are always getting new ink! Who doesn’t love checking out the latest celebrity tattoo! Even the most private celebrities can’t help but express themselves through their ink. And therefore, we can hint hint wink wink about what they could possibly mean! It’s quite easy to look past a tattoo, especially when they’re all over the body! But look closely because some of our favourite celebs have the most detailed tattoos! Next time you’re watching a celebrity on tv or catching up with the latest gossip on facebook, stop and have a closer inspection of their ink. Unless you’re way too busy actually having a life to do this (yeah me too). So to make it easier for both of us, here are coolest celebrity tattoos we are loving!

Kendall Jenner

This story is almost as relatable as it is cool! “Meow.”  According to Kendall Jenner, it was the first thing that popped into her head. I should add that she was drunk. How many of you have a drunk tattoo story. Good thing for Kendall it’s nicely hidden in a safe and secure spot from the rest of the world. But “Meow.” Now we all know the inner thoughts of a drunk Kendall Jenner. Definitely one of the coolest celebrity tattoos and no doubt the inspiration for many little copy cats. Meow. 

The Coolest Celebrity Tattoos We Are Loving

Justin Bieber

Justin has the coolest tattoos ever. There are lot’s choose from. The singer himself claims to have over 100 hours work of ink on his body, describing his body as a canvas. Well, out of all the art on his body, one of the latest additions has to be the coolest. The bear on his bare chest. I’m not sure how painful this was but probably worth it! I could stare at it all day. At the tattoo. Not his chest. And you know, try and figure the meaning behind the tattoo.

The Coolest Celebrity Tattoos We Are Loving

Hailey Bieber

Until recently Hailey Baldwin (but you already know that.) This tattoo, detailed, subtle, gorgeous and sentimental all at once is celebrity tattoo we are absolutely loving now! It resembles a very similar tattoo from the many on her husbands body. Justin Bieber. In case you weren’t aware. Any way, it’s bound  to symbolise something sweet.

Brooklyn Beckham

Beside a chest tattoo that says, ‘mama’s boy,’ our favourite mamma’s boy, Brooklyn Beckham has a new addition. The not so subtle tattoo is one of the coolest celebrity tattoos. Four cherubs floating in a cloud. I’d love to know what Brooklyn was thinking. But hey, he’s a cool guy and he’s definitely pulling off one of the coolest celebrity tattoos we are loving!

Joe Jonas

What a guy. Amazing brothers and music with a fabulous woman on his arm. Literally. Look closely. Joe’s tattoo on his left arm very closely resembles his love, Sophie Turner. This has to be one of the coolest perks of getting a tattoo. Having a portrait of a loved one on your body. This tattoo, though undefiled, is great. A simple stencil but with huge meaning!

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Sophie Turner

Couples who tattoo together stay together! Sophie has a very interesting tattoo as well! Apparently it’s a bunny, and was tattooed by the same artist who did Joe’s ink!

The Coolest Celebrity Tattoos We Are Loving

Miley Cyrus

Keep them coming Miley! Miley has some of the coolest tattoos, including incredibly detailed ink of her favourite pets! Scattered around her body, they all look like jewellery! Gorgeous little accessories on her skin!

The Coolest Celebrity Tattoos We Are Loving

So, looking for inspo? Or just interested in some of the coolest celebrity tattoos! I hope you are loving these ones as much we are!

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