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The Coolest Breweries In Atlanta That You’ll Love

The Coolest Breweries In Atlanta That You’ll Love

The Coolest Breweries In Atlanta That You'll Love

It’s summer time folks, and that means it is time to get out with your friends and do fun things, like visit some amazingly cool breweries on the weekend. For all of the beer enthusiasts, I’ve looked around the area and found the coolest breweries in Atlanta that you’ll love.

Creature comforts

This brewery is technically not in Atlanta. . .it’s in Athens, but everything they make is uh-may-zing! CC is the home of Tropicalia and Athena, two beers which have sparked IPA and sour movements all across the great state of Georgia. They’ve recently added a new beer to their line, called Bibo, which is a pilsner that tastes like summer with hints of honeydew melon—so you have to try it. But, Bibo is easy to find and buy at Publix, so if you don’t feel like getting it straight from the source, you can still have a taste.

Other headliners they offer are seasonal beers like the 8% ABV Cosmik Debris double IPA and the Koko Buni milk porter, which sell out almost as soon as they are offered. They also make specialty drinks for brewery events, like sours made with apple cider vinegar (I know, it doesn’t sound good but trust me, it is) or the fruity Stay Gold IPA and Legend Has It pilsner. Of all the breweries in Atlanta—and there are some great ones—CC has become the Georgia favorite for all things beer. You should definitely give them a visit!

The Coolest Breweries In Atlanta That You’ll Love

Orpheus Brewing

Located in the heart of Midtown, this mystical New-Orleans style-turned-Atlantean brewery is full of charm and (of course) great beer. With it’s strange can art made by local artists and the fantasy-themed beer names, the atmosphere is half of the appeal with this unique brewery.

They specialize in drinks that will make your face pucker, ranging from mildly tart flavors to the I-almost-can’t-stand-it sour of their Atalanta tart plum saison and the Transmigration of Souls double IPA—which they recommend pairing with another beer instead of food.

Everything about this Atlanta brewery is fun, which makes it the perfect place to go on a Saturday night.

The Coolest Breweries In Atlanta That You’ll Love

Wrecking bar brewpub

Situated slightly south of Little 5 Points, the Wrecking Bar has a strong reputation as one of the most forward-thinking brewpubs in the nation. They are always creating fantastic beers—and fantastic food to go with those beers.

I recommend checking out their website ( to find out what’s on tap, but just spontaneously stopping by and being surprised is also a great option. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Also, if you’re looking to throw a private party or have an event catered, the Wrecking Bar’s got your back. They have separate event spaces, like the outdoor Biergarten or The Cellar for small events, or The Marianna, which can hold up to 250 guests. What’s not to love about that?

The Coolest Breweries In Atlanta That You’ll Love

Red Brick Brewing

Formerly known as the Atlanta Brewing Company, and holding the title of Atlanta’s oldest brewery, this old place has outlasted newer, trendier beer joints by sticking to the classics. By continuing to offer well-known drinks such as the Laughing Skull amber ale, white ale, craft lager, and Hoplanta IPA, the Red Brick has maintained its place in ATL history.

Offered during the summer, the Hibiscuwit wheat beer is a great choice of beverage to cool you off. They also offer a Fruited Gose that’s eerily similar to the Creature Comforts Athena Paradiso, so if you didn’t want to leave the ATL for some CC goodness, the Red Brick’s got you.

If you’re looking for a taste of Old Atlanta, this is definitely the place for you.

The Coolest Breweries In Atlanta That You’ll Love

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SweetWater Brewing Company

Lastly, I give you SweetWater. This brewery is arguably the most famous one in Atlanta. If you look around at the backyard pool parties and cookouts you attend down south, chances are you’ll see the SweetWater floppy fish on at least half of the beer bottles and cans in everyone’s hands.

SW has been and continues to be one of the most successful breweries in Atlanta. Although they’ve had amazing success with their blueberry wheat ale and their IPA, they’ve recently opened the Woodlands, which is where they are barrel-aging and souring all sorts of beers.

In their Hatchery series, they focused on creating pourables limited releases like the Fresh Sticky Nugs double IPA, the black lager, and the chocolate milk. Innovation at its best, am I right?

I highly recommend giving them a visit.

The Coolest Breweries In Atlanta That You’ll Love

Do you have any favorite breweries in Atlanta? If so, tell us about them in the comments!

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