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The Coolest Boston Breweries To Enjoy This Summer

The Coolest Boston Breweries To Enjoy This Summer

The Coolest Boston Breweries To Enjoy This Summer

One of the best plans to do in summer with a group of friends includes gathering and either bonding over a drink or food. In this era most of the time it consists of amazing drinks. Boston has an enormous array of amazing brewries! Not only is the quality of drink important but the place in which you are drinking. Here are seven breweries you should enjoy this summer in Boston.

1. Trillium Brewing Company

This vibrant place has both history and is an amazing modern place you can check out with your children! The brewing company has also an amazing variety of food that is by seasons, therefore, assuring you fresh produce being selected. The variety of beers is also amazing and unique. For reservations and information check out Trillium Brewing Company website here!

Location: 50 Thomson Pl


📞: 857-449-0083


2. Samuel Adams

This traditional brewery maintains itself true to its roots. Using traditional German methods and the amazing flavor without corn syrup is what has had many people be faithful to the Samuel Adams band.  This brewery is one deeply loved by Bostonias, making it one of the most reccomended for tourists to go. For reservations and information check out Samuel Adams website here!

Location: 30 Germania St

📞: 617-368-5080


3. Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co.

With a staff that is clearly passionate about there craft, Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co assures you a high-quality taste of beer.  Its unique atmosphere will definitely make this an amazing place recommended to go with friends during the summer.  The place also does an amazing job combining a artsy vibes making it amazing for pictures! For reservations and information check out Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co website here!

Location: 3 Lansdowne St


📞: 617-859-0030

4. Harpoon Brewing

A brewery made specifically for friends to hang out with each other definitely makes this place worthwhile visiting! It’s motto “Love Beer. Love Life”, also shares the pride and great variety and experiences this beer is prepared to give you.  The enviorment of the place is also super cleancut, yet dosen’t fail to give a homey vibe.For reservations and information check out Harpoon Brewing website here!


Location: 306 Northern Ave

📞: 617-456-2322


5. Lamplighter Brewing Co.

This Cambridge based brewery, industrial feel focuses on the “aroma packed” and “flavor driven beers.” Here the brand emphasizes on the New England seasonal special making this brand homey without losing its flavour driven taste. For reservations and information check out Lamplighter Brewing Co website here!

Location: 284 Broadway

📞: 617-945-0450


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6. Aeronaut Brewing Company

This brewing company offers live music and arcade games ideal to set the mood for a time between friends. The drafts are also seasonal and aroma based making this a top pick for you. The environment of this place is very fun and young with its decoration. For reservations and information check out Aeronaut Brewing Company website here!

Location: 14 Tyler St

📞: 617-987-4236


7. Mystic Brewery

This brewery founded in 2009, main focus is to highlight traditional flavors by implementing retro innovative techniques. This passion for beer is what earned them the Best Brewery of Boston Magazine in 2018.For reservations and information check out Trillium Brewing Company website here!

Location: 174 Williams St


📞: 617-466-2079


Here are some of Boston best breweries for the hot summer days wating to come along! Cause nothing better in the end that to get together with friends and bond over a glass of cold beer (of course if you are over 21).

Would you go to any of these amazing breweries? Tell us in the comments what you think?

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