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The College Dorm Snack List Freshman Live On

The College Dorm Snack List Freshman Live On

When you need a College Dorm Snack, it can be a tough decision when you’re a starting out freshman with a lack of knowledge. And yes, there are many inspirations of knowledge when it comes to the various options of obtaining a College Dorm Snack. After all, are you looking to simply fill a craving? Or perhaps you’re trying to find the cheapest snacks to protect your wallet? Maybe you’re even to find a few healthy snacks amongst the variety to maintain your figure/diet while moving along with the next big step in your academic career. Have no fear newfound freshmen, we’ve got you covered with our list of snacks that will be sure to allow you to pick the best College Dorm Snack for your situation.

1)  Ramen

The lifesaver and lifetaker of all incoming freshmen in terms of a College Dorm Snack. The beauty behind this snack/meal is that it is incredibly cheap to buy as much as you want. However, the downside of this tasty snack is the fact that it is cheap and therefore consists of ingredients that are not the greatest for you depending on how you consume it. If you eat a typical cup of ramen and drink the juice with it after having put the flavor packet in, you’re looking at 1000mg+ of sodium. And really you arent eating all that much in terms of noodles either. Now depending on how well you balance the rest of your eating, this can be a really handy College Dorm Snack, but if you rely on Ramen too much you’ll find yourself not feeling too great. Everything in moderation friends, even if it tastes so good.


2) Protein Packs

These are becoming really big I feel like in many college stores/areas. You know the type, usually a small package in the refrigerated section containing a kind of protein, some cheese, and some nuts of some kind. While this is a much healthier option, it can tend to be a bit more on the pricey side if you were to buy a decent number of them. However, you can’t beat the quick and filling snack when you’ve just had a rough study session or you have to bounce from class to class all day. In that scenario, it pays to have some substance food despite not being able to sit down for a proper meal.

3) Chips

Now obviously, at some point in your search for the best snacks among all the other options for a College Dorm Snack- You will find yourself at chips. Now, most college campuses have a wide variety of options to choose from but I highly recommend getting yourself some kind of dipping chip. This allows you to diversify your chip intake by making or purchasing various dips, or even throwing some ground chuck on the community stove and making some legitimate nachos for yourself. Always go for chips or snacks that you can use in various College Dorm Snack ideas.


4) Cheese

A simple yet effective College Dorm Snack, and one that will both not break the bank or your stomach. It can be typical kraft slices, or baby bells, or string cheese for all anyone cares. It is a satisfying and savory snack that is sure to keep you going while being simple to snack on. Plus you can add it to crackers or some toasted bread and get a whole lot more out of it.


5) Pop-Tarts

Unless you have something strictly against this College Dorm Snack, you will end up smacking on some pop tarts at some point during your college career. The reason I say this? You’re going to need something filling and sugar-filled to wake yourself up when you’re rushing to class because you overslept. I’m telling you, people, it has happened to some of the most prepared people and when it does, pop tarts will be there for you as opposed to some other College Dorm Snack options.

6) Peanut Butter

You can buy it in bulk, you can spread it on anything, and it has a calorie and nutrient total that really can’t be beaten in terms of something that can be eaten by the spoonful. Peanut butter is an amazing option in terms of a College Dorm Snack, but I understand it is not for everyone. One of my roommates in college was actually allergic to the stuff, which was quite detrimental to my moral state given my love for the stuff. But even then I still made it work and kept everything safe for my fellow college compatriot. I’m telling you its worth it folks, and it will save you time many nights when you can just whip up some PB&J instead of going out to find food.


7) Jerky/Slim Jims

Meat lovers unite! There is a way to still get your influence of savory food in your College Dorm Snack life. The local college store at my campus had many different kinds of jerky or similar products which were great to have between classes or meals. As long as you don’t mind the influence of this snack getting in your teeth or affecting your breath, they’ll satisfy the cravings your stomach has for something savory.

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8) Whole Grain Crackers

I isolate these crackers specifically as a College Dorm Snack because of the benefits they contain. Whole grain anything is well-known to give you quite the energy boost while filling you up. And having some whole-grain crackers on hand can keep you going throughout your busy day while giving you some much needed solid food in your stomach.


9) Starbucks Style Snack Packs

You’ve seen them before at the coffee chain, but many colleges often stock similar box snacks/lunches. Usually containing fruit, peanut butter, cheese, boiled eggs, multigrain items and other methods of seasoning-these snack packs can be great options for a College Dorm Snack. The only concern with these that I will put forward is that the price point can range pretty drastically different on a college campus so take this into account before purchasing.

10) Fruit Snacks/Dried Fruit

Fibre, if you can influence fresh or dried fruit of some kind into your College Dorm Snack life, then you will be thankful to yourself repeatedly. Sometimes going to college can be a big hit to the diversity and balance of your diet. Having something on hand to regulate that fact-like dried fruit- will be overly beneficial to you.


So what did you think of our list of the typical College Dorm Snack options that so many of you freshmen love? Did we leave anything out? Have any other honorable mentions? Let us know in the comments below what you like and what you don’t. Also if you have any snacks being sent from home, let others know, parents could always use a little info about what to send their new college student.

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