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The College Dorm Room Essentials You Won’t Be Able To Live Without

College dorm room essentials help you curate your home away from home and adjust to life on your own! If you’re struggling with designing your sanctuary, look no further! Here are our favorite college dorm room essentials that you won’t be able to live without.

1. Mini Fridge

#FoodisLife! A mini-fridge goes a long way. College requires you to stay up late at night and with late nights come late-night munchies. You’re going to get hungry, a mini-fridge is a great place to stock up on produce items or healthier options!

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2. Microwave

Once college hits, you will be super surprised as to what you can cook in a microwave. This is an essential college dorm item that is the perfect way to either heat up your leftovers or prepare meals, like a quick omelet or mac&cheese, throughout a long and busy academic schedule. It’s crazy what a microwave can cook. No stove, no problem.

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3. Extension Chords

Your phone is dying, your laptop is dying, you need to turn on my Christmas lights to study with an aesthetic, and you want to make some coffee, but there are only 2 outlets in the whole dorm room! Extension cords are college dorm room essentials that will be a lifesaver!

Dorms are pretty confined areas, the chances of you living in a small room with one or two other people are pretty high. The outlet to connection necessity demand is going to be pretty high. Extension cords are the perfect solution.

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4. Cleaning Supplies

Dorms get messy, especially when you have roommates. A huge part of adulting requires cleaning up after yourself. Always have a box of Clorox wipes, items to clean your toilets and restroom, and laundry materials. Moving out is fun but maintaining your place clean requires you to put in some work.

Have a cleaning supply pantry where you and your roommates can contribute to several cleaning rotations at the end of every week. Have bleach, Windex, Tide Pods, fabric softener, paper towels, towels, gloves everything you need to maintain your space clean. Get your materials and start cleaning!

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5. Storage Bins

Whether you’re storing your shoes, clothes, or other personal items, storage bins will come in handy. Have several of them around your dorm, under your bed, on your desk, in the closets, everywhere!

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6. Tupperware

The college budget is always tight. You can’t spend money on takeout every day for 3 meals a day. You want to save as many leftovers as possible. They will come in handy later on throughout the day. Store away your food in tupperware in your compact mini-fridge.

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Different sizes of tupperware are also college dorm room essentials in order to meal-prep or have your lunch/dinner ready for the following day. It encourages you to store your food and allows you to eat healthy dorm cooked meals, instead of ordering take-out. It helps you save money!

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7. Printer

This is very expensive… but a very helpful college dorm necessity. Printing in college can get pretty expensive. It adds up over time. Printing in college is not that easily accessible. You and your roommates can all pitch in for the printer to help make all of your lives so much easier. You can print as many pages as you’d like at no cost right in the comfort of your own dorm room. No more walking across campus, paying 25 cents for a page. Save yourself the hassle and get a printer. It will make you save time and money.

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8. Brita Water Filter Pitcher

Late-night study sessions will have you munching on a lot of snacks, so you’re going to get thirsty. Unfortunately, the dining halls won’t be open at 3am! A Brita water filter pitcher is here to save the day! It’s easy to fill it up with any tap water and it will filter all the bad so you can consume the good. For a more chilling and refreshing H2O taste, put it in your mini-fridge. You can have clean and refreshing water to fill your hydro flask in the morning. Just don’t forget to refill it. Your roommates will thank you later!

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Which of these college dorm room essentials will you be using? Let us know in the comments down below!

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