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The Call Her Daddy Podcast Is So Relatable And You Need To Listen To It RN

The Call Her Daddy Podcast Is So Relatable And You Need To Listen To It RN

The Call Her Daddy Podcast has taken the world by storm! If you haven’t listened to it yet, here’s all you need to know about this raunchy, viral podcast!

Do you call him Daddy? Call her daddy.

You may not know that opening line yet, but if you start to listen to the Call Her Daddy Podcast you will become quite familiar with it. If you’re not a member of the Daddy Gang yet, you will be by the end of this read. Call Her Daddy is a Barstool Sports podcast hosted by Alexandra Cooper and Sofia Franklyn that focuses on their wild lives in New York City.

They dive into the turbulence that is being in your twenties or in college, sex and relationships and the overall well being. They talk in-depth about sex from a woman’s perspective while giving tips on how to be more confident and “better” in bed. Talking about sex from a woman’s perspective can be helpful to men who want to know more about the do’s and don’ts of hooking up with a girl. I wouldn’t say that they always have a healthy approach to handling things but their methods do work and it feeds into the rough go of figuring out how to remain stable. To each their own but if you are an outspoken type and far from a prude, you’ll fall in love with these girls.


A Little Background

The main argument against the Call her Daddy Podcast is that they are inappropriate girls who are instilling disgusting thoughts and actions upon the younger generation. That could not be further from the truth, they are opening up things in their lives to make others feel more comfortable on their own. Another complaint is the way that the girls will go into great detail about how to cheat on your partner and get away with it. Although I don’t agree with cheating and think it’s a disgusting thing to do to another person I do think that the way the girls are talking about this action is in a comical way.

Their podcast is in the comedy section on Spotify and apple podcast, they never promised to give healthy relationship advice and they stand by that. What I think is important for people to know before listening to the Call Her Daddy Podcast and quickly judging the girls for being uneducated or calling them bimbos is that these girls are both highly intelligent. Alex graduated from Boston University and played soccer for them while she went there. Sofia graduated from the University of Utah and had a great job in economics before starting her job at Barstool.

Athletes, Athletes, Athletes!

On their most recent Call Her Daddy Podcast episode the girls read a submission from a listener concerning her most recent male encounter. The girl was hooking up with a basketball player, while in the middle he yelled at her to “shut the f*** up” and proceeded to take a Facetime call from his pregnant girlfriend while he was inside of this listener.


I could not contain my laughter while listening to this, especially when the email goes into detail saying that she continued to hook up with him after this. I’m listening to this thinking oh my gosh that’s insane, how could she do this? Then I go to thinking, I can almost guarantee that as you’re reading this you can think of someone you or a friend has hooked up with where you’ve thought the same thing but continued to do this. The added comical element is because Alex and Sofia talk about professional athletes and their antics frequently. This is where the reliability makes the Call Her Daddy Podcast so hysterical.

The way Alex and Sofia relate to the listeners makes you feel as though you’re a part of an inside joke with thousands of other people.  Its almost like when you’re in high school or college and you are having a sleepover with all your friends, everyone is telling their own stories with little to no filter. That’s what listening to the Call Her Daddy Podcast is like, it can make you feel a lot better about situations that society has made you feel ashamed about.

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Question of the Week

The best part of their podcast is called “Questions of the Week”. These questions of the week tap into questions about sex that no one wants to address, expect the boundless Alex and Sofia. Alex refers to these questionnaires as the women’s locker room talk that we should be able to have. People leave rave reviews about this part of the Call Her Daddy Podcast so it is clearly a Daddy gang fan favorite.

Bonus Content

Another fantastic part of the Daddy Gang is the Vlogs. Barstool looks like the best work environment and watching Alex and Sofia’s vlogs will reiterate that feeling. They go on work trips to Mexico that get so wild, they go on spring break trips that would top any party school trip. Dave (the boss at Barstool) is so trusting of his employees and because of the podcasts are widely successful. Alex and Sofia are roommates, even if they don’t go into the office they are creating content from their home.

Can you imagine these two living together? Weirdly, I can’t see them living with anyone else. The Barstool team is like a close-knit family and the girls use that to their advantage. They are constantly playing pranks around the office and, according to them, have come close to being fired multiple times, although I can’t imagine Barstool doing this as Alex and Sofia are such an essential part of their team.


Have you listened to the Call Her Daddy Podcast? If not, what are you most excited about? What would you submit for your question of the week? Let us know in the comments down below!