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The Broke Girl’s Guide to Kylie Jenner’s Style

Between Instagram posts, Red Carpet events or just dinner with her sisters, Kylie Jenner’s style has become one that many model their own outfits after. Kylie combines many simple elements such as boyfriend jeans, pencil skirts and crop tops to create casual yet simply chic outfits. But, we all know that many of us (unfortunately) do not have the budget to purchase many of Kylie’s fabulous outfits. Instead, I’ve recreated some of her top looks with cute alternatives that won’t break the bank!

1. Versatility is key

If you’re looking for a more versatile outfit for going to dinner, a concert, or just going for a night on the town, check out Kylie’s first outfit which features a grey trench coat, boyfriend jeans and a crop top.

2. Never go wrong with black

In case you didn’t know, overalls are back and Kylie’s next outfit features black ones accompanied by strappy pumps. This outfit would be perfect if you’re running errands around town but you still want to look chic and put together.

3. Show some skin

Faux suede skirts have become extremely popular this year and this next outfit worn by Kylie utilizes the faux skirt to perfection. A great look for a Saturday night on the town with your girls or even a date night outfit.

Skirt/ Top/ Shoes

4. Comfortable = fashionable

After a long week of work, school and everything else on your agenda, you simply need to relax. Take inspiration from one of Kylie’s more laid back, yet still fashionable outfits.

See Also

Leggings / Top/ Shoes

5. Show off those curves!

Finally, Kylie’s last outfit is perfect for a day of shopping around town. She once again wears one of her favorite pencil skirts and pairs it with boots as well as a grey tank top for a casual and oh-so trendy look!

Skirt/ Top/ Shoes

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