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The Bike You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Bike You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If you’re looking for a stellar new mode of both transportation and excersize, then bikes are the best option for you!  Have a look at a selection of the various bicycles out there, and find the perfect one for you based on your horoscope.  Your hunt for the best bike for you should be a piece of cake with this list.


Leo’s are known for their healthy pride and sense of self worth.  For these self-supporting individuals, the bike best fit for you would be the Throne Phantom.  This bike is a fixed-gear bike, otherwise known as a track bike.  As their name implies, they have a limited range of gears, which means you won’t be coasting on this bike.  These bikes are made for velodromes, stadiums built for bicycle racing.  These bikes are easy to maintain, and allow the Leo to boast their incredible skill in competitions.  Leo’s tend to be competitive, and no bike allows a Leo to prove themselves more than the fixed-gear Throne Phantom.


For Virgo’s, the bike of choice is the S Works Shiv Disc.  This triatholon bike is one of the most well-designed and made bikes you can find out there.  It’s designed to be as aerodynamic as possible, even allowing space for the rider to crouch to minimize wind resistance.  This bike is fast, fast, fast. The Shiv Disc is therefore perfect for Virgos, who are always pushing themselves to their limit.  Virgo’s are known for their constant strive towards excellence, to a degree some might call perfectionism.  Any Virgo will be able to test their abilities to their maximum thanks to this triathalon bike, testing their speed, endurance, and willpower.

The Bike You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The EVRYjourney Steel is a cruiser bike– similar to hybrid bikes, but focused more on the side of comfort and casualness.  They are known for their wide balloon tires, making them work well on a variety of surfaces.  They ride best on flat surfaces and for short distances, but the option of otherwise it what makes them perfect for Pisces.  Their large, comfortable seat allows Pisces to stay relaxed, while the wide tires allow for the bike to go where the Pisces wants.  Pisces are known for their free-spirited, go-with-the-flow attitude, and this bike is multi-facet enough to support that easy-going yet adventurous nature.  They even come in a variety of colors, and some offer different break types, giving Pisces a good selection of options to best support them.

The Bike You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Sagittarius’ bike of choice would be the Full Tilt Boogie.  This bike is a similar to cyclocross bikes, mainly built for pavement, but with flexibility for unpaved roads, gravel, and grass.  Their tires are on the smaller side, but wide enough for slightly rough terrain, and their breaks are designed to prevent mud build up.  There are a simple, honest bike, which meshes excellently with the truthful nature of Sagittarius.  Any Sagittarius will know the bikes limits, while still offering non-road options for the adventurous Sagittarius.


Libras are one of the more peaceful, open-minded of the Zodiac signs.  Because Libras value a calm, peaceful atmosphere, their ideal bike would be the Schwinn 270.  This Schwinn is a recumbent bike, a type of bike known for comfortable and easy rides.  While these bikes aren’t great for rough terrain, they are very relaxing, thanks to their low, wide seats, some of which even come with backrests.  They are designed so their pedals are angled in a way that allows for a full range of motion from the rider’s legs, meaning they can still go fast despite the rider’s relatively low positioning.  The Schwinn 270 is perfect for their Libra riders, both appreciating a comfortable, relaxed enviroment.

The Bike You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign


No bike embodies the Scorpio spirit more than the AWOL Expert, and the rest of touring bikes.  These bikes are more relaxed than the average road bike, but designed to be varying in function.  They can ride longer, carry loads, and are very durable.  These design components are great for Scorpios, who are independent and in-control.  The AWOL Expert allows the Scorpio to be free and choose their style, and the touring bike will match that.  They can be outfitted with equipment perfect for carrying goods or commuting, or stripped to the bare minimum for a good ride– it’s all up to the Scorpio and their leadership.


Capricorns are well regarded, as they are a sign filled with intellect and respect.  Capricorns can be known as the adults of any situation, since they are all about responsibility, fair treatment, and a general respect for themselves and those around them.  This high-minded attitude makes Capricorn a perfect fit for the Canyon Grail, an adventure road bike.  This bike is built for longer rides than the average cyclocross bike, and good for various situations.  These are stable, reliable bikes that can go through different enviroments, but shouldn’t be pushed too hard.  They and Capricorn go hand-in-hand, as they will provide the dependable transportation the Capricorn needs, while the Capricorn will respect and understand the limits of the Canyon Grail.

The Bike You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The Marin Presido is a fitness bike, perfect for those born under Cancer.  This fitness bike has an incredibly high performance, meaning that you can achieve a higher speed for a smaller effort than on other bikes.  It’s great for commuting and for general road travel.  They fit well with Cancer due to Cancer’s emotionally intelligent nature.  Cancer value emotions highly, understanding them and nurturing them.  A Cancer feeling down won’t need to push themselves more than they’re willing, thanks to the high performance, and an excited, passionate Cancer will be able to use all their energy towards an enjoyable, fun ride. 


An Aquriaus’ best fit would be the dual-sports bike, the Trek FX.  Aquarius are known for their logical, independent nature.  This design of this bike encourages and cooperates with that nature.  These bikes are less upright and have smaller seats, but that means they are better for challenging, aggresive rides.  They work well for both unpaved paths and commutes, but they can do many surfaces.  This versatility allows Aquarius to truly be independent, having the best choice of bike for any situation that might face them.  These bikes are truly the logical choice, making them the perfect fit for Aquarius.

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Gemini have a very flexible personality.  They can change and adapt to whatever a new situation requires without stress.  Hybrid bikes are also known for their versatility, since at their basic, they are a combination of road bikes and mountain bikes.  The bike best for Gemini is the Vilano Diverse, a hybrid bike that has a comfortable seat for the slower rides and medium tires for the rough, faster paths.  The fundamentally diverse nature of Gemini is relfected in the nature of hybrid bikes.  These bikes may not do well on very rough roads, but the flexiblity alone makes them an excellent choice in bike.

The Bike You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Aries’ pick of bike would be the Haro Shredder, a BMX bike.  Aries are passionate and love competition, which makes these stunt bikes a natural fit.  These bikes are smaller, but designed specifically for tricks and wild experiments.  These are some of the wilder bikes, which an Aries is naturally adept at handling.  Aries might find themselves performing stunts with friends, trying to outdo each other with jumps, wheelies, or whatever else their excitable nature might lead to.

The Bike You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign


The Alchemy Arktos is a mountain bike, built with wide tires, suspension, and a low gear range.  These features are what define mountain bikes, and what make them perfect for Taurus.  These may not be the fastest bikes, but they are realiable and sturdy.  Taurus are also known for those qualities– their natural dedication and reliable attitude.  Only a Taurus can undertake the massive endeavors one can experience with a mountain bike.  Tough rides are ahead, but a Taurus with a trusted Alchemy Arktos has the dedication to handle any situation.

The Bike You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign

 Which of these bikes is your ideal choice?  What do you think is the best bike around?  Let us kn0w in the comments!

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