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The 10 Biggest Turn Offs For Women

The 10 Biggest Turn Offs For Women


I think we can all agree guys can be idiots when it comes to dating. We are so used to hearing about what we need to do to turn a guy on that we never get to share what our biggest turn offs are for them. Listen up guys – here are the biggest turn offs that you guys do.

You’re Narrow-Minded

This is one of the biggest turn offs for women – if a guy can’t respectfully disagree with a different viewpoint, there are bound to be problems. There is nothing more unattractive than a person set in their ways, unwilling to listen to an idea other than his own.

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You Interrupt

Since this closely follows our prior biggest turn off, interrupting is a big no-no. Let us finish our thought before you barge through and flex your masculinity. It only makes you sound like a know-it-all which is also one of the biggest turn offs. If you interrupt us it also lets us know you aren’t listening. It’s incredibly aggravating going on a date with a guy where you need to constantly repeat yourself – please don’t ask me a question I’ve already given you the answer to.

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You’re Cheap

This has nothing to do with splitting a bill; this has everything to do with rushing a date because it will cost more after a certain hour. If you expect us to pay for the first date, you can call us all you want but it’s most likely done. It’s only the first date and that’s truly the only time you are expected to pick up the bill. There’s nothing wrong with splitting after the first date. It is one of the biggest turn offs when a man expects you to pick up the tab – it’s even worse when they don’t say thank you. Don’t be cheap!

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You’re Money Obsessed

On the other end of the spectrum, guys who are obsessed with money are disgusting, if not more. This is one of my biggest turn offs. Regardless if you are broke or have plenty of cash, keep it to yourself. It is extremely unattractive when a guy talks about their money. Chances are you are an egomaniac who is driven by money – you have no time for a relationship and that becomes clear quite fast.

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You’re Cocky

You could expect to find this on the list of biggest turn offs. Cocky, arrogant, whatever you want to call it – it’s unattractive. If you are someone who thinks you are better than anyone, especially a woman, you are down-right disturbed. You are not god’s gift to the world.

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You’re A Liar

It’s a given why this is one of the biggest turn offs. If you can’t keep your word, what type of man are you? Don’t suggest you are going to do something and then fall through. It is a big turnoff when you talk big game and never follow through.

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Bad Breath

This falls under a large umbrella of things. If you have bad breath chances are you have terrible hygiene. Stay the hell away from me if you smell bad. Don’t be surprised women find this to be one of the biggest turn offs ever. Go brush your teeth or at least pop a mint in your mouth – do not chomp on gum around me though. No thank you!

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Insecurity presents itself in several forms: control issues, avoidant, cocky and the list could continue. However, it is one of the biggest turn offs if you don’t have faith in yourself – how do you expect us to date you if you are unsure of yourself.

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This goes alongside being cocky but a tad beyond – it’s a huge turn off. If you assume at the end of the date I am coming home with you, you have officially enacted one of the biggest turn offs on a date. We do not owe you anything as women and just because you bought us a meal (if you even paid) does not mean we are going to sleep with you. A lot of women are not “hit and quit it” types of people. Don’t get mad at us if we don’t come home with you.

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Again, if you can’t follow through and lack effort, you are about to get the “next.” It is one of the biggest turn offs when a guy cannot commit. Alongside bailing last moment, showing up late is instantly unattractive as well. Shows us what you consider to be a priority. Doesn’t take much effort to show up on time.

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Let us know what you think about this list of biggest turn offs in the comments below! Can you think of any others?
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