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The Biggest Mistakes We All Make As Students

The Biggest Mistakes We All Make As Students

The Biggest Mistakes We All Make As Students

Being a student is harder than it seems, especially if you move out of your parents’ house and go live with friends or some student accommodations and villages. Literally most of the life you knew before is gone and everything gets turned around abruptly. During that time you will definitely make some mistakes, you are gonna learn from some of them – however, most of them you will end up repeating through all your studies. Here is the list of the biggest mistakes we all make and will continue to do so till we finish our education:

1. We leave laundry until the very last moment and then one day we realise there is no clean underwear, or literally anything else, in the closet

This is definitely one of the biggest mistakes we all make. We simply chose to ignore the pile of dirty clothes getting larger and larger in the corner of the room, only to be left with no clean undies at some point. What is worse, it’s usually the day we slept through most of the alarm clocks and now are rushing to get to class.

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2. We think it’s a good idea to go out and get drunk in the middle of the week and that going to that 9 am lecture the next day will be achievable

It won’t be. The tiredness and the hangover will keep you in bed until the afternoon of the next day making going anywhere simply not possible. And deep down we all know that, yet we ignore it every single week.

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3. We leave any school work until the last minute and then have to pull an all-nighter, or even two, to finish the assignments on time

I think all students promise themselves never to do that again, however, when the next assignment starts creeping up on up, we simply push it to the back of our heads thinking we will be fine. And mostly we are, but the stress that comes from that is the worst.

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4. We use up the absences for the stupidest reasons, like when we are lazy, so when we are actually sick we have to go to the classes

We have all been there, thinking that we won’t need those absences later in the year and yet we always do. This is one of the biggest mistakes we do each semester and will probably continue to do.

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5. We buy the cheapest instant noodles, even though we know they are bad, but cooking real food is sometimes too big of a struggle

You know they are disgusting and the new flavour that came out won’t make them any better. However, instant foods are cheap, easy and quick to make, so all students make the mistake of relying on them instead of something with nutritional value.

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6. We go to the lecture and we are so proud of the fact we showed up there, we don’t pay any attention whatsoever

We have all been there, literally staying the whole time on our phone and snapchatting to our friends that we made it to the lecture hall. Cause at least we tried, right?

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7. We get those days, when we decide to start a healthy lifestyle, we buy all those fruits and veggies, but eventually not long after we give up and the food slowly rots in our cupboards

For me it’s probably the start of each month: new month, new me. And yet it never happens. Buying all that expensive fresh fruits and vegetables that I don’t even like is for sure the biggest mistake I make on the regular basis. And I know for a fact a lot of fellow students do that as well.

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What other biggest mistakes do you think all students make? Are you guilty of any of them? Let me know in the comments down below!

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