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The Biggest Men’s Summer Fashion Trends For 2021

It may feel too cold to even picture what you will be wearing in the summer, but that’s the problem! We leave our clothing decisions too late, that all of the new trends and classy styles are out of stock. Men’s summer fashion trends are in, and it is time to get shopping! Follow this guide for the best inspiration and ideas for men’s summer fashion trends in 2021.  

1. Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets are one of the biggest men’s summer fashion trends for 2021. They are stylish and can make any casual outfit look even better. A lot of people have the misconception that bomber jackets are only for women, but this is obviously not true. Even if you have a more casual day/outfit planned, throwing on a bomber jacket can help bring your look to the next level!

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2. Pastels

I am SO excited that pastels are one of the men’s summer fashion trends this year. When people think of pastels, they often think of spring. Well, carry that thought into the summer now too! Pastels are a beautiful array of colors that can compliment any skin tone. A lot of men have the preconceived notion that pastels are only meant for “preppy” men, but that truly is not the case. For example, a pair of pastel athletic shorts are perfect for any man on a casual day or going for a workout in the blazing sun!

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3. Bright Colors

In contrast to pastels, bright colors are also a big part of men’s summer fashion trends in 2021. Pastels, bright colors, why not do it all? Nobody is stopping you. Bright colors in the summer are obviously a given go-to look, whether it be a classy bright outfit or just a casual day. A tee-shirt like the one below is perfect for a man of any style as they are comfortable and super casual.

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4. Flowers

Flowers don’t have to be all feminine, guys! Flowers, whether it is on tops or bottoms, are one of the men’s summer fashion trends you do not want to miss out on. Flowers on button-down shirts can add a whole lot of class to a basic suit, or even just look great tucked into a nice pair of jeans. They’re great for the summer as flowers basically scream summertime. Wear an awesome shirt like this to the beach, to work, to dinner, or basically anywhere!

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5. Light Denim Jeans

Men’s summer fashion trends don’t all have to be summery shirts and shorts—they can be a simple pair of jeans as well. Distressed light denim jeans are all the rage this summer as they can be worn casually or even for a night out on the town. Grab a pair of light-washed jeans like the ones below before it’s too late!

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6. Printed Shirts

Printed shirts are all the rage right now. Whether it is long sleeve or short sleeve like the one below, printed shirts can be worn for a day at the beach in the summer, a night out, or even just a casual day of running errands. When I studied abroad in Australia, I found there to be lots of men wearing printed shirts like these. I’m so glad this is one of the men’s summer fashion trends coming to America— it’s about time!

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7. Pleated Trousers

These pants scream Harry Styles and I couldn’t be happier about it. Pleated trousers are one of the men’s summer fashion trends that are an absolute MUST in 2021! They look great and are super elegant. They are much more professional AND trendy compared to wearing some simple pair of pants that don’t add any flair to your outfit. You can pair them with Converse for a more casual look, or with loafers for a classy dinner vibe. These pants below are from Dockers for $58- a great deal, if I do say so myself. Either way, you’ll be on-trend and looking great!

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8. Striped Suits

Striped suits are one of my favorite men’s summer fashion trends for 2021 because who doesn’t love splurging on a nice, classy, and form-fitting suit? Stripes look great on any man, so why not just throw them on a suit? I think the stripes add a lot more class and style to a simple suit. Whether it is for work or a formal event, look your absolute best in a striped suit!

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9. Round sunglasses

Round sunglasses are a men’s summer fashion trend that, in my opinion, will never go out of style. They are super stylish and look very classy and sleek on a man. Whether you are wearing them on your way into the office for a busy day of work or to the beach, these round sunglasses will always come in handy. Shop these Ray-Bans now!

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10. Waterproof Loafers

One of the most frequent, and most different, men’s summer fashion trends I have been seeing are these waterproof loafers. I mean, they definitely will come in handy, so why not wear some waterproof shoes that are actually stylish? These loafers are so lovely, they actually look so classy and could most definitely be worn for a night out as well as a day by the water. Although they can be a bit pricy, I am sure they are worth the investment!

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Men’s summer fashion trends keep getting better and trendier every year. What will next summer bring? Stay tuned and share your favorite men’s summer fashion trends in the comments below!

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