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The Best Workouts To Get Toned Arms

Even though summer is almost over, strong arms will always be in. Whether you are looking to learn a bit more about weightlifting or wanting to get the strong and toned arms you were always looking for, these moves will help you do just that! All you have to do is grab some dumbells and get started, maybe a gym membership if you really want to go all in with weightlifting. But it’s always good to start out slow and go from there. Especially when beginning to lift weights, start small and build as your muscles also build. 

There are also a variety of muscles near your arms and back that can be sculpted with a few different exercises. Once you get comfortable trying them all out, you’ll be able to move through your arm workout without a care in the world. 

1. Upright Row With Either dumbells Or A Barbell

I start with shoulders because they are probably the best part of your arm to see sculpted besides the biceps and triceps…but don’t worry, we will get there. This is probably one of my most favorite shoulder moves. I like to use either two eight to ten-pound dumbells or a twenty-pound barbell for this exercise when first starting out. This move will sculpt the heck out of your shoulders and give them that rounded look and a great foundation for toned arms. 

Try doing four sets of twelve to start! By the end, your shoulders will burn and in just a couple weeks you will see a change in the way your shoulders look!

When you are doing this move make sure your elbows are not higher than your actual arms and pull up with your shoulders (focus on the mind to muscle activation) ensuring that you pull the bar up to just about your chin. 

2. Dumbell Press With A Bicep Curl

This is a great two in one for shoulders and the biceps. You can even add a squat in there if you want to. When you do full-body workouts you will be burning an extra amount of calories and fat than you would by doing just one simple move. 

Remember that when you are doing this move use your biceps to pull up the dumbell and then turn your dumbbells outwards and push up with your shoulders. Start out with a warmup of smaller weights and then go for heavier weights in four sets of twelve just like the first workout. 

3. Tricep Overhead Press: Staple Tricep Move

You can do this move many different ways but the usual way is to do it with one dumbell. I would start out with a ten-pound weight and keep moving up the weight until you feel comfortable lifting it above your head. Use your triceps to lift the weight until your arms are almost straight behind you. 

I swear this will get your triceps right and toned. Like I said you can do this move many different ways. You can grab a barbell and lie down on a bench and do the same as the overhead press, but lying down. Then you could also use a cable with a bar and again do the same move, not moving your wrists around at all, but ensuring that you are using your triceps to move the bar forward. 

4. Dumbell Hammer Curls: Get Those Biceps

Another Bicep move will without a doubt help to tone the best part of your arm. They are kind of like bicep curls except instead of turning out your dumbells to face you, you are holding them like you would a water bottle and lifting up with your bicep. If you do hammer curls with a slow bicep curl coming back down then you will really be getting those biceps! 

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Again, like the other exercises take this one slow with a lighter weight to start out. when you are doing a hammer curl or bicep curl make sure that your wrists are neutral and your arms are attached to your side. 

5. The Chest Press: An All-Around Arm Sculptor

The chest press, whether you use dumbells or a barbell, is a great exercise not only for your chest but also for your shoulders and will help to fully sculpt the look of your arms. You can start by lying down on a bench and grabbing some light dumbells to start and push them up with the strength or power of your chest. You may also feel it in your shoulders and triceps. So the chest press is an all-around wonderful workout to get those toned arms. 

6. Face Pulls: More Shoulder Work

You will need to use a cable for this one. So you attach the attachment that has two of the ropes hanging from it. Try out doing four sets of ten to twelve reps each. This workout will really get your rear delt which will help to tone and round out your shoulders giving them the best appearance. Place the cable all the way at the top, use the two ropes to pull towards your face, while making sure that your elbows are going outward and you are squeezing the rear delt area, which should feel like the small part on the back of your shoulder. When you are pulling the rope attachment make sure you are only pulling it to your ear and that it is difficult enough after a warm-up round. 

All of these moves will get your arms right! We have the shoulder, tricep, bicep, rear delt, and chest! The next time you hit the gym, try out some of these moves and you’ll be on your way to toned and strong arms soon! However, if you do not have a gym membership, try some of these moves with dumbells if you can and look up some modifiers online so you can get the most out of what each move will offer to you! Sometimes bodyweight exercises can be better and help to burn more calories, get you a higher heart rate, while also greatly toning your arms.

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