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The Best Winter Travel Locations You Have To Visit

The Best Winter Travel Locations You Have To Visit

These are some of the best places to travel this winter that you have to check out for yourself. Depending on where you are in the United States might depict your preferences for an ideal temperature for your vacation. If you are in a cold state with brutal winters, you might want to travel to a warm area outside of the country or if you are in a warmer state, but you want to be around some snow you might want to go there. Here is someplace that will make your winter travels worthwhile.


Colorado is a great place to do winter right. In Colorado, the temperature in December is the coldest temperatures of the year. The average high is 43 degrees Fahrenheit, and the low is 17 degrees Faharnite. There are several activities you can experience on your vacation. Ice skating is prevalent in this area in the outdoor rinks. It is hard to do this in the city, but in Colorado, you go on horse-drawn sleigh rides. It is a great relaxing ride to enjoy the state. If you were like me, sledding was part of the best time of life. Getting your trash can lid and running up to your favorite large hill and slide down. If you are an adventurous person and like to live life on the edge, then you might be interested in ice climbing. Ice climbing is similar to rock climbing. Ice picks are used to help climb to the top of the mountain. If being active is not your thing, then there are several malls that you can visit. 16th Street Mall, Outlets at Silverthorne, and Southlands are just a few to go see. Colorado is a winter travel location that you are going to join with your friends and family with activities that bring back fond childhood memories, and relaxation spots.

The Best Winter Travel Locations You Have To Visit

New York

New York has a lot more nightlife than Colorado. If you do not mind large crowds of people or can overlook the crowds to experience a winter travel vacation that will give you a memorable experience the New York is a place for you. Even though the average high temperature in New York is 44 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 31 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather allows for some great snowy conditions. It makes it feel like Christmas in the city. It is a great time to be exposed to the arts and history of the city by taking in a Broadway show. Maybe even go and see the Nutcracker performance. There are many places to go shopping if that is something that you are into in New York. Some other things that are unique to the city are the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting, going to time square, and see the city just lit up every night. There are so many things to see in New York and a lot of things that will have you wanting to see the city in a new light with family and friends in the night light. Who knows you might find yourself skating the night away. Winter travel is about having fun and experiencing new things. I am confident that if you visit the city for your vacation, you will not regret it.

The Best Winter Travel Locations You Have To Visit


Australia is a great place to visit in your winter travels. Even though it tends to be more of a tropical climate with high rainfall, it still is an excellent break from the winter weather. The average high is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. An Australia Christmas holiday may not be what you are used to with the lack of cold weather and snow in some regions of the United States. Christmas day is still full of caroling, but with summer activity. A Winter travel to Australia will be full of time in the sun, live concerts, and picnics on the beach. While you are on vacation, you should go to the penguin parade. The Penguin Parade is a memorable experience. Where you get to see the penguin move on the sand. Another activity worth the time is the moonlight cinema. Take some time to relax with the moonlight cinemas with family and or friends on a summer night. Finally, the Sydney Opera House is worth visiting when you are in Australia. You will enjoy the architectural building that is worldly known. It is worth listening to the amazing music from the live performance acoustics. Take some time and go on a tour and explore this building and everything it has to offer.

The Best Winter Travel Locations You Have To Visit

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New Zealand

Cold temperatures in the winter are not for everyone. For some people being in a warm environment in December is ideal. By taking a break from the winter weather, it can make it bearable to finish out the rest of the winter season. New Zealand is the place to go this winter. It has everything that you are going to need to have a fun and relaxing winter vacation. There is the opportunity to do thrilling activities to put a slight fear in your heart with an exciting experience with jet boating, skiing, sky diving, and bungee jumping. If your not that adventitious, you can go enjoy time on the Bay of Islands in a calm and relaxing environment or go explore the hot springs. There is the opportunity to go hiking in the mountains. There is also some peaceful spaces to relax on your vacation. There is a nightlife for you to be apart of in New Zeland as well as some great shopping areas to get you ready for the night light. There are plenty of opportunities to meet some amazing people and have some adventures on your winter travel to New Zealand. New Zeland is a place you should consider for your vacation.

The Best Winter Travel Locations You Have To Visit

Winter travels is about knowing what you are interested in and finding a location that meets your needs. For example, if you love the winter temperatures, then visiting Colorado or New York is the best places for you to attend. On the other hand, if your like me and prefer warm weather, then Australia or New Zealand may be the places for you to go on vacation. Whatever your preferences are one of these locations will be a great fit and will provide you with a great experience.

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