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The Best Winter Recipes On A Budget

The Best Winter Recipes On A Budget

These winter recipes are the perfect thing for you to cook when the weather gets colder! They'll warm your stomach and your soul!

The nights are getting darker, the temperature is dropping, and all you want is something warm and comforting. Unfortunately, your bills are also rising so making extravagant food or ordering takeaways is becoming less accessible. Here’s some great winter recipes when you’re trying to save more money:

1. Creamy Garlic Mushroom Pasta

Bosh have amazing recipes on their website, and they’re all vegan! You can easily supplement any vegan items for the dairy alternative, like this recipe with cream. It doesn’t take much to make this dish and it’s incredibly satisfying.

The Best Winter Recipes On A Budget

2. Sausage and Lentil Stew

This is an all-time classic combination! Sausages and lentils are so easy to get a hold of and they’re not very expensive. Serve this with mash potato with a teaspoon of mustard in it, or you can have it on its own, it’s very filling.

The Best Winter Recipes On A Budget

3. Ratatouille

A French classic, you don’t need to be fancy with this. If you have leftover vegetables in your fridge or cupboard and don’t know what to do with them, this is the way forward. You can omit any of the ingredients and it’ll still taste great. Serve with couscous and feta.

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❤️Ratatouille – So gesund und lecker – ganz einfach aus dem Ofen❤️. . Zum Mittagessen kommt der beliebte Klassiker aus frischem Gemüse bei mir wieder ganz bequem aus dem Ofen. Frische Tomaten, Zucchini, Aubergine und mit Mozzarella überbacken ein leckerer Genuss, ob als Beilage zu Fleisch oder Fisch oder vegetarisch mit Kräuterquark und krossem Baguette. Bon Appétit 😋. . Ich wünsche Dir noch einen sonnigen Samstag😘. . 💋Rezept-Link im Profil💋 oder unter 💋💋. . 🇬🇧🇺🇸 Ratatouille from the oven – powerfood for the day – another simple recipe with love👍. . #ratatouille #ofengericht #tomate #sommergemüse #zucchini #aubergine #mozzarella #tomaten #lowcarb #lowcarbrezepte #vegetarisch #vegetarian #selbstgemacht #einfachkochen #gesundkochen #gesunderezepte #gesundessen #gesundabnehmen #abnehmenohnezuhungern #abnehmen #gutenappetit  #rezeptaufdemblog #mittagessen #lunch #abendessen #dinner #healthyfood #fitnessfood #instafood #rezeptideen

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4. Spiced Shepherd’s Pie

A twist on a British staple. The spiciness in this makes it extra warming and using sweet potato instead of regular potato makes it even healthier. You can use any mince in this, I use turkey mince to make this dish extra lean and full of protein.

The Best Winter Recipes On A Budget

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5. Morroccan Fish Tagine

You don’t need to pay loads to get good fish; you can find frozen fillets in any supermarket which saves you having to cook it immediately. This is really simple and has a great kick to it.

The Best Winter Recipes On A Budget

6. Peanut and Parsnip Soup

An in-season vegetable, it’s great roasted with some rosemary but even better blitzed in a curry-spiced soup. This has the added edition of peanut butter to add a little more protein and a little more flavour to it.

The Best Winter Recipes On A Budget

7. Smoky Vegan Chilli

This is the best vegetarian/vegan chilli I’ve ever had. It’s got a ton of flavour, and the cocoa powder in it adds a real depth of flavour to it. Instead of grilling all the vegetables, I like to roast them for the sake of easiness. It makes a lot so you can have it over a number of days or freeze some for later.

The Best Winter Recipes On A Budget

Which of these winter recipes do you want to be able to try? What are your favorite winter recipes?
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