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The Best Winter Fashion On Campus At SJU

The Best Winter Fashion On Campus At SJU

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to piece together scarves with boots and post Instagram-worthy mirror selfies of your outfits. If there is one thing St. John’s fashionistas do right, it’s showing off the latest fashion trends around campus. So, here is some of the best winter fashion that you will be seeing on campus this season. Don’t forget to check out the blogs and follow the Instagram accounts of the two featured student photographers!

Classy and Sophisticated:

A bold pea coat thrown on top of a sweater and patterned skirt for a girl who is always on the move but also wants to look presentable.

Photographer: Alana Loren, @_est.90s_

Denim on Denim:

A denim jacket paired with jeans along with black booties for those trying to make a bold statement.

Blogger: Alana Loren, @_est.90s_


Cute and Casual:

A trench coat, solid colors, and a classic pair of sneakers, because who says that casual can’t also be cute?

Blogger: Alana Loren, @_est.90s_

Effortless Yet Elegant:

A cozy sweater paired with sheer tights under textured shorts and ankle boots.

Blogger: Reza Cristian@rezacristian


Dressed to Impress:

Adding a blazer to any outfit can bring out in anyone the amount of confidence needed to take on the Big Apple.

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Blogger: Reza Cristian@rezacristian


How will you be dressing this season? Did you enjoy the above winter fashion? Share with your friends, comment below and be sure to like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

Featured photo source: @rezacristian
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