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The 25 Best Winter Coats For College Students

The 25 Best Winter Coats For College Students

If you're looking for some cute winter coats for college students, then these popular jackets are some of the warmest and best styles out there!

Ho ho hello my fellow northern college-goers! Ladies, as the temperature drops below 40 (as well as our grades) it’s important to get the perfect winter jacket to keep you warm while walking to class. Here is a list of the 25 best winter coats for college students you can get for holidays, birthdays, or just because!

1. Urban Outfitters Carmella Cozy Reversible Teddy Coat

This jacket is one of the best winter coats for college students due to its warmth! It will feel like a fuzzy blanket hugging you all day long!


2. Necessary Clothing Ursa Major Teddy Coat In Mocha

Cozy up in this full-length teddy coat! As if we’re not already obsessed enough with the teddy coat trend, this trench style teddy swooped in and stole our hearts. A warm, fuzzy jacket like this is easily one of the best winter coats for college students to make the trek to class in!

3. LL Bean Ultralight 850 Stretch Down Hooded Jacket

The epitome of warmth. Combat snowstorms, Nor’easter’s, and cold windy days with this down winter coat. A heavy jacket like this is assured to keep you as warm as possible on those frigid walks to class!


4. Missguided Grey Longline Belted Coat

Grey goes with basically anything. This is the perfect versatile winter jacket if you’re looking to combine street style with warmth!


5. Canada Goose ‘Victoria Down Parka’

Despite Canada Goose’s somewhat pretentious reputation, they are nonetheless some of the best winter jackets on the market. A costly investment but certainly worth it!

6. PrettyLittleThing Peach Skin Cropped Puffer Jacket

PrettyLittleThing is one of the biggest players in the game right now, mixing affordable fashion with trendy options! This peach skin puffer is the perfect jacket for that “athleisure” look.


7. boohoo Contrast Lining Faux Fur Trim Longline Parka

This jacket is the perfect mix of street style and comfort! Its length will ensure maximum warmth, and it’s pop of color with the satin fabric will ensure you’re the best dressed around!


8. The North Face Women’s Harway Insulated Parka

A sturdy and simplistic jacket suited for all! Ideal for winter sports or just regular fashion, definitely one of the best winter coats for college students!

9. Marmot ‘Womens Montreal Coat’

A long and narrow coat to cover you up! Marmot is a very reliable brand that makes very reliable coats. This jacket curves in to show figure but is thick to keep in warmth!


10. Barbour Annandale Quilted Jacket

Perfect for your outdoorsy fashionista! Barbour jackets are built tough and long-lasting with materials that brave harsh weather for many cold seasons.


11. Necessary Clothing Baby Bear Cropped Teddy Jacket In Brown

For those of you out there looking for a shorter coat, this cropped teddy jacket is perfect for a college party on a chilly winter night. Let’s be real, most winter coats kill your fashion game. A short teddy coat provides enough warmth to keep you comfortable on your walk there while keeping your fashion game strong!

12. Bernardo Side Zip Primaloft Jacket

A thinner long coat with a shiny finish, perfect for outdoor winter sporting events or just to wear over a sweater dress!


13. AVEC LES FILLES Faux Shearling Biker Jacket

This jacket gives off some major 90s vibes. If you’re into the leather “grunge” look, then this biker jacket lined with fur is definitely a style for you. The combination of fur and leather turn this fashion staple into a useful winter coat!


14. Diane von Furstenberg ‘Joan Genuine Rabbit Fur Trim Belted Down Coat’

This ‘mom coat’ is perfect for any ladies looking to show off their knowledge in fashion. A form-fitting, belted coat with a fur trim is at the top of the fashion charts this winter season!

15. TopShop Herringbone Check Coat

Looking for something a little different to wear this winter? Well, this herringbone check coat may just be the thing! The slouch coat adds a different element to your professional style. Wear it to a presentation, your business class, or just because!


16. Sarin Mathews Outdoor Puffer Vest

Already have a winter jacket? Great! This puffer vest is the perfect thing to add to your blooming collection. A turtleneck sweater, a scarf, and this vest are just what you need to get yourself across campus looking slim and stylish.


17. Lululemon ‘Brave the Cold Jacket’

You’ve got your leggings, and you’ve got your sports bras, but do you have your Lululemon winter jacket? Grab yours now and pair it with some colorful lulu leggings and stay warm on your way to yoga!

18. Calvin Klein “Boucle 3 Button Wool”

A simple, affordable, knit jacket that can go with any outfit. An easy slip on slip off jacket may be just what you need when rushing to get to your morning class!

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19. Eddie Bauer Westbridge Parka

In case you have your mind set on an affordable, reliable brand jacket, but haven’t found it yet, this might be the jacket for you. Thin, long, belted and neck protecting Eddie Bauer jacket is an all situational, sturdy and stylish jacket perfect for an active woman.


20. SheIn Zip Up Puffer Coat

A short and edgy puffer coat that can take on many looks. Hood or no hood, zipped or unzipped, this jacket is multifunctional and is great for any girl looking for a shorter, edgier coat in this polished black color!


21. Patagonia ‘Los Gatos Fleece Jacket’

Alright, so, maybe the thick, mom puffer coats aren’t for you, no problem! The Patagonia Los Gatos Fleece is a cozy fleece that will protect less from harsh winters, but can be worn indoors or outdoors!

22. House Of Sunny Handlebar Harrington Bomber Jacket

Looking to show off your edgier side? This bomber jacket could be just the thing you need. This fashion-forward bomber jacket is the ultimate balance of trendy and cozy.


23. Canada Goose Chinook Jacket

Really want that Canada Goose jacket to show off to your friends, but can’t afford it? There are less expensive Canada Goose jackets out there. This made to order insulated jacket is much more ideal for daily usage and still lets you show off that Canada Goose patch!


24. Guess ‘Teoma Quilted Jacket’

Give your friends and family a soft embrace after a long finals week with this fuzzy puffer. The Teoma jacket is soft to the touch and keeps the warmth in, while spreading the warmth to your loved ones.

25. Urban Outfitters Faux Fur Hooded Zip-Front Jacket

Keep it simple, keep it cozy and keep it vintage this holiday season. Urban Outfitters has shook us to the core once again with their fabulous selection of coats that hug you like blankets. Whether you are cozied up by the fire or walking the dog through 2 feet of snow, this jacket is sure to keep you bundled through the chilly months.


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