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The Best Ways To Spend A Socially Distanced Valentine’s Day

This year, Valentine’s Day may be a little different for some. Normally, the day consists of spending your date in packed bars and restaurants, at loaded valentine’s day events and social gatherings. This year, as we work to combat a worldwide pandemic we must alter our date to remain socially distanced and safe for all. These are just some ways that you could spend Valentine’s Day, while safely and responsibly socially distancing for others. 

Watch A Valentine’s Day Movie At Home

If you are looking for a way to socially distance this Valentine’s Day, a good option would be to stay home, cuddled up, watching a special Valentine’s Day movie. Pop some popcorn, bust out the chocolate covered strawberries and some wine. Light a romantic, mood-setting candle, and enjoy a relaxing night together. If you want to make it really special, decorate your space with some Valentine’s Day decor to set the holiday mood. 

Have An At Home Trivia Night

To stay socially distanced, we must limit who we are consistently around. To socially distance a valentines trivia night may be in order, better yet, teamwork produces oxytocin in the brain which helps to draw you closer to your teammate, or in this case partner. There are tons of apps that help to create a fun-filled trivia night including HouseParty or JackBox. Recreate your favorite trivia night at home, with a glass of wine and your loved one. 

Make Chocolate Fondue

What’s more romantic than chocolate on Valentine’s Day? It can be sweet, spicy, delicious, and is an aphrodisiac. Try making your own chocolate-covered strawberries at home with a special fondue night at home. 

Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Spend your Valentine’s Day with a loved one crafting your own Valentine’s Day cocktails and become your own mixologist. Craft your own or take an online mixologist class to create the perfect holiday drink. 

Plan A Mini Getaway

It can be difficult to travel this year as we are still facing a global pandemic however, people have figured out ways to make it simple and safe. Book an Airbnb for the night or a long weekend and settle in for a relaxing holiday away with a loved one. You can be sure that your Valentine’s Day getaway is COVID safe and spectacular. 

Go Glamping In Your Back Yard

Spend your Valentine’s Day date night glamping in your back yard. Set us candles, pillows, and blankets. Start a small fire for roasting marshmallows and project your favorite movie right in the comforts of your own backyard. Think mulled wine, spiked hot chocolate, or Irish coffee. Sit around the roaring fire and enjoy your at-home adventure. Valentine’s day has never been more relaxing! 

Share Valentine’s Memories

If you have been with your partner for quite a while, you’ve probably spent multiple Valentine’s Days together. To make this year special, reminisce over past valentines memories. Discuss your favorite memories over a glass of wine, sharing laughs and stories. 

Have An Indoor Picnic

For a very special Valentine’s Day date night, Spread out on the floor with a gourmet meal and a bottle of champagne with your loved one. Spend the time talking, laughing, reading poetry while dining on your favorite charcuterie board and chocolate spread. 

Indulge in Breakfast In Bed

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a delicious breakfast in bed. To make it extra special this year, create a spread for you and your partner on a cute breakfast tray. Bonus if you make it extra special with heart-shaped waffles, chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate croissants, or a bouquet of dried flowers (they last longer than live flowers). 

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Be Creative Together

This Valentine’s Day, spend the day creating something together. Sit down and participate in an online painting class or a virtual ceramics class. If one of you tends to be more creative than the other, spend your celebration teaching each other different ways of using your creativity. Being creative with a loved one helps to bring you two together, participate in something that sparks your imagination, and helps to continue to form a bond between the two of you. 

Relax In Your At-Home Spa

Since a spa date is out of the cards, spend your socially distanced Valentine’s day pampering each other at home. Trade-off giving each other relaxing massages with a relaxing massage oil and lotions, take a long bubble bath together, and get comfortable for the night. If you’re really in the mood to pamper yourselves, try your hand at a face peel or pedicure. 

Send A Special Dinner

If you and your loved ones are separated by distance this Valentine’s Day, it can be difficult to celebrate. To make them feel special, send them their favorite meal paired with a delicious dessert. If your area offers, a bottle of wine would also be a wonderful gift to send for the holiday. Keep an eye out for special promotions in your area (or there’s) that can help you make this year extra special. 

Prepare A Playlist Unique To You And Your Partner

Buying your loved ones a Valentines gift is always nice however, a special gesture can evoke many feelings. This year, prepare a playlist that is unique to you and your partner. Be sure to include songs that will remind them of special moments spent with you, your first car ride together, the first time you two danced together, your wedding song for example. Music brings people closer, can help to create a romantic atmosphere, and set the mood for the night. It can evoke memories that create passion and excitement.

Valentine’s Day this year will be very different for everyone. There will not be large, indoor shows or events, there will not be packed bars and restaurants, people will be socially distancing and staying away from people who are not within their household… hopefully. To keep everyone safe, having a socially distanced celebration will be in order. Spend this Valentine’s Day showing your loved ones how much you care by keeping them (and yourself) safe during your celebration.

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Originally from Denver Colorado, Chloe is 27 and now living in Asheville, North Carolina with her Son. Chloe loves everything Fashion, Style, and Design. Everything from clothing to home decor!

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