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The Best Ways To Reinvent Your Style

The Best Ways To Reinvent Your Style

There comes a time when you really start to become bored or completely unsatisfied with your style. Maybe it has to do with a change of scenery, in that you can’t wear clothes that you would normally wear in Florida to New York or maybe your a bit older now and its just time to dress your age.

Changing your look can be done with a few simple steps! Here are The Best Ways To Reinvent Your Style!

Ask Questions

When I first thought about reinventing my style, it sparked mainly from knowing that my college years were about to end soon, and it was time to be an adult.


I really felt as if I still was wearing pieces that I would have worn in high school, like sweat pants, clothes that didn’t fit my current body type, and a lot of big shirts with leggings. I knew that it was time for a change.

I already had an idea of how I needed to reinvent my style, but for those of you who don’t, I recommend asking yourself a few self-reflecting questions such as,“why do I feel like I need to change my style?” and “in what way can I dress that might reflect who I am now?”



The next step is to start eliminating anything in your wardrobe that you feel is no longer serving you. I got rid of a lot of small t-shirts that didn’t properly fit me as well as other small pieces. I eliminated any clothing that I felt that I would only wear if I was trying to be lazy or had a “sloppy” look to it; this especially meant anything that had holes coming in, looked faded, and tattered logos.

Additionally, I got rid of a lot of black and grey colors because I really wanted to start incorporating more colors in my wardrobe.


Style Inspiration

One of the best ways to figure out how to reinvent your style is to have a style icon or inspiration to look at…or better yet, just look a bunch of different Pinterest pictures. I typically gravitate towards a more bohemian look, and often look at pictures of Zoe Kravitz for some inspiration, even when it comes to my hair.

On the contrary, know that there is a difference between being inspired and completely trying to copy someone else. Try not to get so caught up in dressing exactly like someone else, but simply try to recognize what it is about their style that you like, and let it serve as a guide.


Look For Statement Pieces

Next, look for statement pieces such as jeans, jewelry, or certain shoes to incorporate your wardrobe. When I say statement pieces, I mean look for articles of clothing that not only reflect your new style but something that you can wear with multiple outfits so you won’t get bored, and get your money’s worth.

See Also

I also recommend going to discount stores like Ross, Marshell’s, or better yet, Goodwill for the sake of breathing room for your budget.  There are plenty of discount stores that often have designer brands for just a fraction of the original price!


Consider Lifestyle

This is one of the most fundamental factors that you should consider when reinventing your style. ALWAYS consider what types of clothing that you will be buying based on the type of life that you have.

I currently live in a place where its pretty warm for the majority of the year, so it would be quite foolish for me to buy a bunch of coats and boots that I likely won’t wear. Therefore, I’ll often go for high waisted shorts.


Overall, your style should reflect who you are but should also be practical too!

Have any tips and tricks on how you would reinvent your style? Comment below and share the wealth!

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