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The Best Ways To Organize Your Closet When It’s Always Growing

The Best Ways To Organize Your Closet When It’s Always Growing

It’s spring cleaning time, folks. Some people dread it, some people love it. But you know what almost everyone loves? Being able to find things in your closet! It sounds like a simple task but with years of clothes accumulating and a lack of organization, it gets a bit less simple. I am no Marie Kondo but I do know a thing or two, let’s get organizing! 

1. Empty her out! 

The first step to organize your closet is to declutter. I know that polo from middle school has some great memories embedded in it but it may be time to let go. The best way to start your de-clutter is to just empty the entire closet. Take everything down and throw it on your bed. Make a pile for donation, a pile to throw away and a pile to keep. I suggest a closet cleanout at the end of each season and if you haven’t worn the piece for that entire season, chuck it. I know it’s sad to admit that we may not fit into our high school jeans but sadly, our big-girl hips may never allow that. Cleaning out and getting rid of all those clothes will you give you a great excuse to go on a shopping trip because you simply have to. If you do organize your closet at the end of every season that’s really only four times a year, you can definitely do it! 

2. Deep Clean

This step in organizing your closet is probably going to be the second most satisfying part falling close behind seeing the entire closet all put together. It’s probably been a while since you touched your closet with a broom, vacuum or duster. This is prime time to get all of that junk out of there. You’ll be amazed at how much stuff comes out of there. Especially if you have a dog that sheds, that hair gets everywhere! 


3. Backward Hangers

I saw this trick to organize your closet a while back and it works well with the tip above. When you are hanging your clothes up after cleaning them all out, hang your hangers backward in your closet. When you wear the piece you can hang the hanger the normal way. This makes it easy to eliminate pieces at the end of each season because you can physically see the pieces that you haven’t touched. We are keeping ourselves accountable in 2020. 

4. Same Color hangers 

This may just be a thing that is aesthetically pleasing but it will make you feel a lot more organized. Having one color or type of hanger will make you feel like you’ve got it all together. When there are multiple colors going on with your hangers, it can add to the already chaotic closet that we are trying to clean up.  I like to pick a white or black hanger as it looks a bit more ~chic~ than bright colors, but if you want to spice up your closet and add some pops of color then go for it! 


5. Color Coordinating 

Aesthetics are important when coming off as organized. Have you ever seen a bookshelf that is following Roy G. Biv? *chefs kiss*. Well, it’s easy to do the same with your closet! If you didn’t go through Kindergarten, let me welcome you to the lovely world of Roy G. Biv. It’s the color scheme of the rainbow meaning red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. I know the neutral colors aren’t in there so I made up my own arrangement for those and it goes like; white, cream, brown, black. This seems like the best way to ombre these colors into an eye-pleasing pattern. 

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6. Organize by Category

If you aren’t into the idea of color coordinating your closet, you can organize your closet by categories. You have the power to decide which categories you want to choose. You could go by work clothes and social clothes, by bottom and tops, you could even organize based on what you wear most. It’s all up to what will make your everyday life easier, which is different for everyone. I personally love to color coordinate, but I also appreciate a closet organized by work and social clothes. 

7. Add your own storage  

This is going to be long-winded to bare with me. Adding more things to a closet I just told you to de-clutter may seem counter-productive but I promise, this will help. This is the only thing (other than hangers) that you would possibly have to spend money on in order to organize your closet. If you don’t have a bureau in your room, I would suggest getting one or two 3 drawer carts to put things like; bras, underwear or socks in another idea would be things like; t-shirts, pajamas, jeans or workout clothes. You should have more folded clothes than you do hanging clothes. You can stack them or put them side by side and rest other folded items on top of them to utilize every shelf you can. Another idea for added storage would be adding another rack to your closet. If you do happen to have more hanging items than folded, adding a second rack would be beneficial for you. Only having one rack is wasting prime storage underneath that first rack. Doubling down will make it easier to see the options that you do have as they aren’t all crammed onto one rack. Both of these suggestions are easy to put together but it all depends on what your closet needs. If you are a working gal and have a lot of dress shirts and pants then you would probably want to go with adding a second rack but if you’re a college gal and tend to roll out of bed and put a t-shirt and leggings on, you may want to go the 3 drawer cart route. 


When you actually choose to organize your closet rather than your Mom forcing you to, it really does hit different. How long has it been since you organized your closet? Tell me in the comments!