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The Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

The Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

Workout, The Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

Working out is such a love hate relationship. Even if you truly love working out, there are days where everyone just doesn’t want to do it. But every time after I work out I’m always so glad I did, you feel so much better after each workout. But the hardest part about working out, is motivating yourself to actually workout. But if you can get over the hurtle of getting yourself to do the workout, you’ll be able to keep up a consistent routine. These tips will keep you in the gym and ready to workout.

1. Get A Workout Buddy

This is one of the best, if not the best, way to get yourself to workout. Having a friend who can keep you accountable is a perfect way to make sure you are getting your gym time in. It’s easy to flake on yourself but flaking on friends is much harder. You’ll also want to go to the gym to spend time with your friend, this is a super easy way to catch up while still getting a healthy routine in. Instead of grabbing dinner and drinks, opt for heading to the gym together, you can hear about all their work drama while reaching your seventh mile. With everyone having such busy schedules these days, you don’t have to choose between a hanging out with friends and a healthy workout, you can do both together. it’s the best way to keep you and your friend in a consistent routine.

The Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

2. Join A Gym

Now, I joined a gym for four years and went to it less than twenty times total. Joining a gym isn’t going to be the answer, joining a gym you like though, will be a huge way to get you moving. The gym I joined was close to my house but was a lot of very fit people, and although I may look it, I am very far from fit. I was always intimidated by how everyone was so much better than me. Although they probably weren’t paying any attention to me, I was very well aware of how out of place I was so I never felt comfortable working out, even with Adele motivating me in me headphones. 
I’ve also tried those super cheap gyms, but those are huge and have so many people in them that I was intimidated in going just by the amount of people there. These kinds of gyms were not a fit for me and even tough I was losing money monthly I didn’t know there were better options out there, until I finally found one I truly liked. Once you find a gym that matches your personality and what you need, you’ll be more inclined to workout and if you actually like the gym you won’t care about the monthly fees because you’ll be getting a good use out of it.

The Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

3. Find What Workouts You Like

I once went to a spin class and ten minutes in had to leave to throw up. There was no returning after that, and I would never try spinning again. So many of my friends and family raved about spinning, but for someone as unfit as myself this was not a good option to introduce me into working out. I found out that I really liked yoga, so I started going to that more consistently, and it was able to build up my confidence in working out that I was more willing to try new things. I found I really liked ellipticals so it was a good cardio alternative from the bike. But had I not tried yoga, I would have lost all confidence in trying to get in a healthy lifestyle that I would have never even tried the elliptical. You just have to experiment with different workouts and exercises until you find one that suits you, and once you find it do that and as you get better you can make it more difficult and challenge yourself.

The Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

4. Join A Studio

Studios are far different than gyms and they are growing in popularity for many reasons. So many people like the options of classes because they are guided, you aren’t just walking around the gym trying out machines and having no idea what they even do. Studios offer classes for all experience levels , they also have a greater community feel to them than that of a gym. Any studio I’ve ever been it, whether its a bar, cycle or yoga based studio is always very welcoming and encouraging. Which, for someone as unfit as myself is much needed. Being a part of a studio with such a community feel makes you want to return time and time again, it will give you a great and consistent workout routine.

The Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

5. Get A Schedule

If you love yoga but also want to get some cardio in, or you love weight training but also need to get stretches in, make a schedule for yourself of what workout to do each day. This is like leg day but instead of a certain part of the body work on, you pick a certain workout. Do yoga on Mondays to destress before the week starts, and try lifting on Thursdays before the weekend. If you love certain workout, get yourself a set schedule so it’s easier to stick to. If you know every Tuesday you’re running with a friend, it’s easier to stick to than playing it week by week. 

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The Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

6. Have A Killer Workout Wardrobe

For the longest time, this was the sole reason I worked out, I had so much workout clothing that it seemed wrong to just wear it to the grocery store and back. I’ve always stood by the mentality of look good feel good, and dressing in something that makes you feel confident is the key to that mentality. As silly as it may seem, having an outfit you love can make you more inclined to workout so that someone other than your dog can see your matching sport bra and leggings. Plus, you won’t feel so guilty buying that super expensive Lulu Lemon leggings knowing you’ll actually be wearing them to workout in.

The Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

7. Track Your Progress

It may be a selfie a day in the gym, or it may be recording your workouts. It could even be reaching a certain weight goal. Whatever it may be keeping track of your progress can be a huge motivator in actually going to workout, Maybe you track your workouts and you want to flake one day but you see you’ve worked out everyday for the past week, knowing that you don’t want to break the streak can motivate you to do something little. Even if its some sit ups and stretches in your room. Or taking a walk outside to get some extra steps in. Take pride in the fact that you’re even trying and track what you do to keep yourself motivated.

The Best Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

What motivates you to workout? What’s your favorite exercise? Comment below and let us know!

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