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The Best Ways To Keep A Relationship Steamy

New relationships are exciting, fun, and full of passion, but sadly, after a while, that constant need to be all over each other will fade. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make sure your relationship stays as steamy as it was in the beginning.


Sexting is the easiest way to spice up your relationship. Sending a text saying something along the lines of “I want you so bad right now” or “I can’t wait to feel you against me” is so simple yet so effective. This immediately strikes up a flirty conversation that can turn dirty fast! This also can lead to an immense amount of sexual build up in anticipation for the next time you see each other in person, making things hotter and more satisfying once they do happen.

Another great way to go about sexting is sending risque yet  not too revealing pictures. You can send your man a picture of you biting your lip with a caption of “I want to bite your lip instead” or a sexy selfie in your undies covering your top half. Both of these thirst traps leave your man craving more. The less you give him, the more he will want, and the more he will be thinking about you, making the next time you see each other that more exciting.


Wearing Lingerie is a go to if your looking for a quick and effective way to get your man out of his pants and into yours. It adds an element of surprise and excitement. The minute your man sees you standing in front of him in your sheer thong teddy, he’s going to want nothing more than to take it off of you.

Buying and wearing Lingerie for your man is also a nice way of letting him know you care about your relationship. He is able to see the effort you went through to look sexy for him and he will go crazy over it! Plus, the confidence boost you will receive for watching your man drool over you will leave  you feeling comfortable and excited to try new things in the bedroom. It’s a win win for both of you!

Take Some Space

More often than not, relationships tend to hit a downward spiral once a couple starts spending too much time together. Couples may get sick of each other and not feel as if they are allowed to do anything without their significant other. This is not the case, and it’s detrimental to a relationship.

Taking some time for yourself to do things you enjoy such as going out for a fun night with your friends is so important for a healthy relationship. There needs to be boundaries and an understanding that the both of you still have your own lives. Plus it is much easier to miss someone if you aren’t attached at the hip all the time, and missing your partner is a way of knowing you want them in your life. It also is a way of keeping the excitement in a relationship because the more you miss your significant other, then the happier your are when you get to spend time with them.

Date Nights

Date nights are crucial to keep the spark alive in a relationship. All couples need time to dress up, feel good about themselves, block out everything else, and focus solely on each other. Taking time to bond and connect without any distractions is beneficial to a couple because they can talk out any problems they are having, discuss things they still want to do within their relationship, and just catch up on each other’s lives in general. 

Often, one can become so entangled in the stress of their own life that they do not let their significant other in on their problems, making it impossible to work through things together. This can cause extreme tension and anger to be taken out on a relationship when really it was just that one of them was stressed and holding everything in. 

Date nights can also be a sexy part of a relationship. You and your man can pick out outfits that you want each other to wear, and even what you want each other wearing underneath your clothes. Staring at each other all night long, thinking about how good your partner looks in that outfit, and having to wait to take that outfit off of them can cause the sexual tension to be through the roof!  

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Explore New Things

Exploring new things is the perfect way to keep your relationship fun and interesting. Trying out new hobbies together such as hiking, exercising, and cooking can add a new sense of mystery, playfulness, and adventure to a relationship. As long as you are exploring new activities, you will not get bored and fall into the same monotonous routine. 

While exploring activities outside of the bedroom, you can also explore some new things inside of the bedroom. Talk to your partner about some new things you might want to try. Whether it be new positions, experimenting with toys, or adding in some fun new dirty talk, keeping things hot and fresh in the bedroom is a great way to keep your relationship out of a slump. 

Role Play

Pretending to be your sexual fantasy is enticing, hot, and fun. Being able to escape your own thoughts and habits and explore your partner sexually through the lens of a specific character is a whole different experience. 

A few popular role plays include: student and teacher, cop and prisoner, and husband and mistress. While role playing can seem silly and childish, if you really get into it, it can be one of the hottest sexual experiences you have. The best way to explain role playing is to describe it as acting out your favorite sexual fantasies. 

Since a fantasy is something one often thinks about and imagines is amazing, once that fantasy is sitting in front of them it is almost impossible to not indulge yourself in that fantasy. Once your man sees you in your sexy glasses and mini plaid skirt, he will not waste any time being the sexy professor you always imagined bending you over that little student desk. 

No one wants to let the the passion of their new and fun relationship die. Comment below and tell us how you keep you relationship steamy!

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