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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Quickly

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Quickly

Breaking bad habits is one of the hardest things a person can do. These habits often take years to develop, and taking the time to acknowledge they’re bad for you, as well as stopping doing them, will be difficult. However, there are ways to make your journey smoother. With that said, here are the best ways to get rid of bad habits quickly!

Understand What Triggers These Habits

The first step to overcoming your bad habits is finding and understanding what causes you to do these habits. Many times you don’t realize you are doing the bad habits because it is second nature (such as biting your nails, or only buying junk food), and understanding what makes you do these habits is the first thing you can do to stop them.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Quickly

Avoid Being In Situations That Lead To These Bad Habits

After understanding what triggers your bad habits, you need to stop putting yourself in situations that will lead to that trigger. One of the most common misconceptions is that sheer will power will make you stop your bad habit.

This is not the case, and you want to avoid anything that can potentially lead to you falling back onto that bad habit as much as possible. If you have a habit of biting your nails, add some nontoxic yet bad tasting chemicals on them. If your habit is eating only junk food, make a decision to have a healthier lifestyle. If you’re constantly going to the bar while you try and control your drinking addiction, it will never end well for you.

Think About Why You Want To Stop The Habit

Sometimes a habit can be detrimental to your health, sometimes you realize it’s just not good for the lifestyle you want to life. Thinking about why you want to stop the habit will keep you more motivated to see it through, and will prevent you from falling back into the habit.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Quickly

Weigh Short Term Suffering Vs Long Term Happiness

After you realize why you want to stop the habit, it will start of very difficult to actually do. Although you’re suffering in the moment (or at least you will feel like it), you need to keep the big picture in mind at all times. Whether it’s exercise pains, or you suffer from withdrawal, the longer you work towards your goal of ending that bad habits, the easier in the long run it will become to have that healthier lifestyle.

Replace Bad Habits With A Healthy One

It can seem impossible to just delete your bad habit, as they often take time out of your day. Instead of completely removing it, replace that bad habit with a healthy one.

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If you have a gambling habit/addiction, do something productive with your money, or play a sport when you have those tendencies again. This not only keeps your mind off that bad habit, but gives you something fun, healthy, and less damaging to do (keeping your mental health in check).

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Quickly

Celebrate Your Milestones

You have to remember that bad habits will take time to get rid of (as they took time to develop). Break down your goal into several segments; like how many pounds you plan to lose, or how many days of sobriety you want. When you hit each milestone, make sure to celebrate it one way or another. Doing this will not only award yourself for your hard work and determination, but will make you never want to go back to the bad habits again!

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bad Habits Quickly

These are our best ways to get rid of bad habits quickly! Let us know in the comments which methods you find best for yourself, and why they are so effective!

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