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The Best Way to Choose Your Lipstick

The Best Way to Choose Your Lipstick

There a few significant things to consider when deciding which lipstick you are going to choose for your night out, day at work or whatever. Of course, you want a good product that will last but you also want to think about how it looks with your outfit, how it feels on your lips and what it adds to your look. 

Where Do I Even Start?

Ever been in a Sephora or Ulta and slyly watched a smarter more makeup savvy person swatching hundreds of exquisite colors of lipsticks on their hands? After seeing that, do you walk out defeated and resigned in the fact that you will never know exactly how to choose the right makeup or lipstick confidently? Well, I’m about to let you in on exactly what those self acclaimed pros are looking for! They are paying attention to a few things. The texture of the product, the color when on their skin and the wear of it! Not so scary now knowing that there are only three things to be paying attention to right? Exactly. Put a sample on your hand, pay attention to the way it looks on your skin tone. There is no right answer, just whether or not you like it! Consider the way that it feels to the touch. Is it sticky? Does it dry quickly? Do you thing that it would be a good fit for you? And that is all there is to it! The Best Way to Choose Your Lipstick

What Event Are You Going To?

The first concept to ponder is what event you will be attending. Generally pink, mauve and lighter shades work well for daytime events like brunch, work or shopping. But that doesn’t mean that a chic and bold burgundy wouldn’t work as well! Maroon, dark purple and deep reds tend to lend a more romantic and elevated look to whatever event you are attending and are usually seen for dinnertime events, shows or parties. Again, not to say that you cannot rock a light shaded lip at a black tie event! The event only matters as much as you think your lipstick will matter while you are there. For example, you may not want to try a new shade of red on the day of your huge presentation at work. Worst case scenario you have lipstick on your teeth and that would be a shame for your boss and coworkers to witness!


The Best Way to Choose Your Lipstick

What Look Are You Aiming For?

Will you be seeing an Ex for the first time at the event? Are you hopping to get the job? Meet someone new? Be taken seriously? If you are hoping a bold and empowering feeling, there is no bolder move than choosing a bright red lip. Throughout history this has been a staple in the lipstick world and will never go out of style! If you are hoping for a more subtle feeling, go for a simple gloss or tinted moisturizer. You definitely don’t have to worry about lipstick on your teeth!

The Best Way to Choose Your Lipstick


What Does Your Outfit Have To Do With It?

Well, the answer is, how much do you want your outfit to have to do with it? If you like to match then you will have no problem pairing a red lip with a black dress or a pink gloss with an emerald skirt. There is something to be said about the simplicity of matched lip that puts you at ease while getting ready for whatever event you are headed to! If you like to switch it up and keep your look funky, who cares if you match! Close your eyes, pick a color and skip out the front door!

Do You Need A Favorite Brand?

If you’re stumped on where to even start when looking for a lipstick, start your research! Having a favorite brand helps with a place to start because if you like one product from a brand, then you are more likely to enjoy their other projects. If you have sensitive skin, you most likely have sensitive lips as well! This is something to be aware of as you search. All of your largest makeup retailers carry their own brand of moisturizer, lipstick and lip stain. What is important to you? 100% Organic? Vegan? Do you need a cost effective brand to start with? Once you decide, this will just be the first step in your lipstick choosing journey.

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The Best Way to Choose Your Lipstick

What Kind Of Lipstick?

This is a common debate among lipstick wearers: Matte or Glossy? And that is just one of the common debates! Some people don’t like matte because of the feeling. Some people don’t like glossy because it tends to wear off more easily. It is up to you to choose but just know that whatever choice you go with changes with the colors you wear. For example, if you enjoy matte lipstick then your dark colors will look fantastic and vibrant. If you prefer less opaque and more glossy, you may like the way lighter shades look better. Either way, you can’t go wrong. You are bound to find a shade and type in every color within every brand.

 The Best Way To Choose Your Lipstick


Looking to take a risk?

If you are yearning to leap for a lipstick risk then boy are there some unique and incredible options for you! It wasn’t until just recently that neon colored lipstick burst onto the fashion and makeup scene with a vengeance and wide spread following. That means you’re in luck! There are plenty of colors to choose from including, but not limited to, green, pink, light purple, yellow and orange! It can be really fun to test out different shades and different textures with all different colored outfits! An interesting match up could be using a colored lipstick with a colored eyeliner.  The Best Way to Choose Your Lipstick

Regardless of what look you to choose to finish off with lipstick, you are bound to make the right choice armed with this guide! Don’t shy away from bold and unique choices! Ultimately know that there is no right or wrong. The way to choose the best lipstick is the way to choose the best lipstick for you! So there will be a learning curve, but ride the wave and strut your new favorite shade with spunk!

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