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10 Of The Best Water Bottle Brands Out There

10 Of The Best Water Bottle Brands Out There

As you have probably heard: hydration is key! And one of the best ways to stay hydrated is by keeping a water bottle constantly by your side. We want to make sure that you have the inside scoop on the best water bottle brands so that you can get the best water bottle for you!

1)Equa Water Bottle

The Equa water bottle brand is an adorable option for your everyday style. This is a quality water bottle because it is not only well made, but Equa also had adorable and trendy water bottles. The water bottle itself is made from shatter-resistant borosilicate glass to give you that glass feel while also minimizing the risk of breaking the glass. This is a great choice of water bottle if you are planning on carrying it around. It has a heavier and more expensive feel to the bottle even though it does not cost a ridiculous amount. There are also faux leather cover options that goes along with the bottle to give it a chic look. Why have a trendy purse when you can carry around a trendier water bottle?


2) Que Collapsable Water Bottle

Okay, this is a seriously dope new water bottle bottle invention that is also hella handy. It is a fully collapsable water bottle that also is durable, trendy, and easy for traveling. The water bottle is made out of 100% food-grade silicon meaning that the water bottle is very soft and smooth. As you know, most water bottles similar to this design tend to smell; however, this water bottle is completely odor free and dishwasher safe! With that, it’s also BPA approved and made from non-toxic materials. So, basically it won’t kill you. But, it is also a leak-proof quality water bottle that is totally worth your time! The mouth of the bottle is wider so that you can fit in ice cubes. Plus, the Que water bottle brand also come in a variety of colors that are so cute. This water bottle is a win and doesn’t take up any space in your backpack or purse!

3) Baker Miller BKR Bottle

This water bottle is probably one of the most unique water bottle brands out there and also the most practical. We like to call this water bottle the ultimate hydration water bottle because it makes sure you body is hydrated, but it also makes sure that you lips are hydrated. The part of the bottle that is most unique is that there is lip balm in the cap of the water bottle. The Baker Miller company sells all different types of lip balm and they have great reviews. The water bottle itself is a sturdy water bottle that comes in a variety of colors and sizes. There is a silicon cover on the actual water bottle that come in a both smooth and spiked texture. One of the most famous colors off the website is the color Tutu. We can not get over the innovation of the water bottle and the lip balm cap!

4) Lululemon Back To Life Sport Bottle

Lululemon seems to have perfected the simple water bottle into a masterpiece. These sports water bottles are some of the prettiest water bottles we have seen when it comes to water bottle brands. This is definitely a water bottle brand that is recommended if you are on the move because it have so many features that prevent you from dropping it. There is a double-wall design that makes sure it doesn’t slip from your hands and it also has a handle that you can carry it on the go. The lid is really the best part because it has a twist cap that does not leak! There are also very trendy colors that can match any adventure or workout outfit!


5) Uncommon Goods Filter Water Bottle

Are you a fan of coconuts? Well, even if you aren’t, you need to check out this water bottle brand that is saving the planet! This water bottle is made from borosilicate glass and has a silicon cover. But, the really cool thing about this bottle is that it has a filter that is made from a coconut shell. All you need to do is pour your water from the filter into your bottle to get only the good parts of water. This is a great water bottle choice if you are extra sensitive to the taste of water because this changes that taste of your water to an amazing natural and clean taste!

6) Lund London

This stainless steal water bottle looks like it is meant for a modern art collection rather than your everyday kitchen water bottle. The unique “skittle” water bottle design surely is a a trendy way to go when you are looking for water bottle brands. Also, the design allows ice cubes to enter your bottle and the stainless steal design will keep your bottle very cool for a long amount of time!


7) Healthish Bottle

This water bottle brand is adorable and speaks for a great cause. Healthish promotes a healthy lifestyle while also still being able to have fun and to be mentally healthy. Their water bottle brand is design perfectly for that cause. The bottle holds exactly one liter of water and keeps you on track to staying hydrated. The simple design is a chic and trendy too! The bottle does not leak!

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8) Hydroflask

This is one of the hottest water bottles on the market right now… and for very good reason. The Hydroflask water bottle has a perfected design that keeps your drink at the temperature that you want it. There are countless designs and it is very popular to keep your motivational stickers from on your water bottle! This is also one of the most durable water bottles ever made. Can you break a Hydroflask? We’ve never seen it.

9) Swell

Another classic go-to when it comes to water bottle brands are Swell water bottles. These are quality bottles that insulate your drink for such a long time! There are also so many trendy designs to pick from, you’ll soon find yourself own a collection.


10) Trouva

We are huge fans of this glass water bottle. It is so extra and trendy and we love it! This water bottle looks like a fancy glass flask. It’s easy to fit in your bag and serves as a fashion statement in itself!



Each water bottle brand is unique and has it’s own benefits. Which water bottle brand is your absolute favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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