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The Best Vegan Restaurants In LA You Have To Visit

Los Angeles is full of tons of restaurants that are perfect for nearly any cuisine. Vegan restaurants are thankfully not limited in this health conscious city. Whether you are fully plant-based or just enjoy having a vegan meal every once in a while, this list is full of vegan restaurants that are great for you to check out. 

1. Gracias Madre

Gracias Madre is a really popular vegan Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood. This restaurant is beautiful inside and out. They offer a spacious outdoor patio that is perfect for warmer afternoons and nights. Their food is also out of this world. They offer a large selection of drinks, including snow cone margaritas and other fun twists on classics. They even offer CBD drinks for those that are more adventurous. Their menu has vegan versions of traditional Mexican dishes. You can find tortas, flautas, nachos, tacos and more. Some of my favorites are the sweet potato flautas and jackfruit tacos. They also have a great happy hour menu, which is great if you’re on a bit of a budget but still want a great dining experience. (Photo from EaterLA)

2. Sage Plant Based Bistro

Sage is a super trendy restaurant that has locations in Echo Park, West LA, and Pasadena. This was one of the first vegan restaurants I’ve tried, but the amazing food keeps me coming back. The restaurant uses organic ingredients to create vegan versions of amazing meals. They offer breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. You really can’t go wrong with anything you order at this restaurant. They have options for everyone. However, you have to order their version of hot wings. They make them out of cauliflower, but you would never be able to tell that the dish is made out of vegetables. The “wings” taste amazing with the sauce they use. It’s a great healthier take on traditional hot wings. Sage also offers soups, salads, sandwiches, tacos, pizza and more. (Photo from Maiaseats)

3. Monty’s Good Burger

Monty’s is the best option if you’re craving a plant-based burger. There are locations in Korea town, Echo Park and Riverside. I love this restaurant because it is super casual and has a simple menu. You go up to order your food and then go look for a table. If you want a fancy dining experience, then this probably isn’t it. But, if all you care about is great food, then this is the spot for you. Monty’s offers burgers, friends, shakes and floats. They also have one salad on the menu for those who are looking for a healthy option. The best part about Monty’s is definitely their impossible burger, which also comes with vegan cheese. The impossible patty makes it hard to tell that this burger isn’t really the real thing. I also love that the restaurant gives you a choice of vegan dipping sauces, like ranch, house spread and sriracha aioli. Monty’s is definitely a fun dining experience and the food makes it extremely worthwhile.

4. Lotus Vegan

Lotus Vegan is definitely less talked about, but it is an amazing vegan restaurant with a large menu. It is located in North Hollywood. It is a more casual place, but is still a sit-down restaurant. It’s fairly affordable. This is one of my favorite vegan places because they really have nearly every kind of food you can imagine. The restaurant is Thai, so they offer typical dishes, such as pad thai, curry, pad see ew and more. However, if Thai food isn’t your thing, don’t let that stop you from coming here. They also have sandwiches, burgers, wraps and salads. One of the best things at this restaurant has to be their dessert. They have a fridge full of an amazing assortment of vegan cakes and cheesecakes by the slice. Their mango and sticky rice dish is also a must when mangoes are in season. This place is all around great and definitely worth checking out if you’re in the valley. 

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5. SunCafe Organic

SunCafe is a little bit of a more upscale restaurant located in Studio City. The restaurant has a very homey, but classic feel. The restaurant also offers a small outdoor patio that is complete with a large fire pit that you can choose to sit around. I love the atmosphere at this restaurant and it’s a great place for a date or outing with friends. The restaurant offers brunch, lunch and dinner as well. They recently introduced $12 lunch deals during the week from 11am-3:30pm. This lunch menu offers pasta, tacos, soups or salad for a great deal. You can find soups, salads, pasta and pizza here all day. I highly recommend their super nachos. They are made with a vegan version of chorizo and nacho cheese and other toppings. This restaurant also offers vegan cooking classes, which sets it apart from the other restaurants. SunCafe has $40 cooking classes on Saturday mornings where you can learn about the health benefits of plant-based diets, learn a recipe and get to do a tasting. (Photo from HappyCow)

6. Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill is a vegan classic. It is the closest thing to a vegan fast food restaurant that we currently have. There are a number of locations all throughout Los Angeles. This restaurant offers amazing salads, burgers, sandwiches, tacos and burritos. They also add seasonal items to their menu, so it’s always fun to go and check out any new items. Their super taco salad is a year round favorite that is definitely worth trying.

Many people find being vegan a challenge when they go out to eat with friends or family. It can be harder to have a limited diet when someone else is the one doing the cooking. Thankfully, Los Angeles is a very diverse city that caters to all kinds of people. There are plenty of vegan restaurants located all over the city. This list highlighted some of the best vegan restaurants that you just simply can’t miss. Comment your favorite vegan restaurants in Los Angeles down below!

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