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The Best Vegan Fall Meals Even Non-Vegans Will Love

The Best Vegan Fall Meals Even Non-Vegans Will Love

The Best Vegan Fall Meals Even Non-Vegans Will Love

It’s no secret that vegans and non-vegans have, well, beef, especially on the Internet. There have been many an argument in the comments sections of Facebook and Tumblr, and they can get heated pretty quickly. Sometimes in the non-virtual world, though, you find yourself in mixed company of both vegans and non-vegans, and everyone needs to eat.

Here are some delicious vegan fall meals that both parties will enjoy, despite their differences in dietary restrictions. If all else fails, just turn to politics for a less divisive and heated topic of conversation.

Hearty Fruit and Oatmeal Bowl

It’s definitely a myth that vegans don’t consume protein; they simply get it from other sources. For a filling breakfast, make some oatmeal and top with nut butter and plenty of berries, fruits, and seeds. It’s a delicious vegan fall meal and it’s sure to keep your energy stable throughout the morning.

In addition to that, look at how gorgeous and colorful the bowl is! Imagine putting that on your social media feed and watching all of the likes accumulate from friends who are just drooling over your culinary creation.

The Best Vegan Fall Meals Even Non-Vegans Will Love

Vegan Mac and Cheese With Mushrooms

For some comfort food, make vegan mac and cheese by using alternatives to cheese, milk, and butter-like nutritional yeast, coconut or some other nut-based milk, and vegan margarine or coconut oil. To give it a more gourmet upgrade, add some sautéed mushrooms, broccoli, or other veggies. It’s a great cozy meal for when the weather is turning colder and you need nice comfort food to warm you up. There’s no reason to miss out on childhood favorites when following vegan restrictions; they just require a bit of adaptation and creativity.

The Best Vegan Fall Meals Even Non-Vegans Will Love

Grilled Portobello Burger

If you’re in the mood to grill, reach for a portobello mushroom rather than a beef patty for your burger. It’s a totally yummy alternative to meat when you still want a burst of smoky flavor but are trying out vegan meals this fall. Add all of the typical burger toppings- tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, hot sauce, etc., but maybe leave off the bacon and cheese (unless it’s vegan bacon and cheese, of course).

The Best Vegan Fall Meals Even Non-Vegans Will Love

Falafel Pita Sandwich With Tahini Sauce

For a Middle Eastern-inspired vegan fall meal, opt for a falafel sandwich with pita and a tahini sauce. You can add all sorts of vegetables to this like cucumbers, cherry tomatoes (not technically a vegetable but that’s beside the point), and grilled eggplant for a more filling sandwich. You can also serve it with hummus, another delish dish.

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Try heating the pita before fixing up your sandwich if you want a fully hot meal. Besides the fact that falafel is typically fried, it’s a very healthy meal and totally delicious. It may require a bit of skill in the kitchen, but with practice, you’re sure to get the hang of it.

The Best Vegan Fall Meals Even Non-Vegans Will Love

Sesame Tofu With Broccoli

You know about sesame chicken, the tasty dish you can order at nearly every Asian fusion restaurant, but what about sesame tofu? It’s the same idea, but you swap out the chicken for tofu. You get the same flavors of sesame but it’s vegan. Pan-fried tofu cubes are coated in a sweet sauce and combined with stir-fried broccoli for a vegan twist on a classic dish.

Serve it over rice and eat with chopsticks for a satisfying meal. Deceptively simple to make, and ridiculously good to eat. Who needs to spend money on takeout when you can just make it yourself?

The Best Vegan Fall Meals Even Non-Vegans Will Love

What are your top vegan fall meals for the autumnal season? Let us know below if you try any!

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