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The Best US Cities For A Weekend Girls Trip

The Best US Cities For A Weekend Girls Trip

The Best US Cities For A Weekend Girls Trip

We’ve all seen the meme that adult friendship is just texting your girlfriends “miss you, we need to hang out,” back and forth until one of you dies. It’s true, we all get caught up with life, work and responsibilities that sometimes it seems impossible to get all your girlfriends together. Planning a weekend trip can be the perfect getaway, so you can get all your girlfriends together and actually catch up. The best US cities for a weekend girls trip may not be too far from where you’re at now! Between all the brunches and nights out you’ll feel like you’ve never been separated!

1. New York City, NY

New York is the perfect place for a weekend girls trip, regardless of the season. There is always something fun to do. Start your morning by grabbing a coffee and a New York bagel and you and your girlfriends can plan out the day over breakfast. Shopping in New York is truly unlike any place else, and going with your girlfriends makes for the ultimate experience. Who else is going to encourage you to buy the $150 Guess romper you’ll wear once, take a picture and never wear again? Or, convince you that the Ralph Lauren earrings you’re getting for $75 are actually a good deal because they were originally $80. You’ll be able to do some retail therapy all while hearing about Jenny’s coworker who always hits on her. 

Once you’ve spent all your money — oops — you can grab lunch and then head over to Central Park for a walk and then map out the rest of your sightseeing for the weekend. End your day with dinner and a Broadway show and head back to your Airbnb for some sleep so you can repeat it all the next day!

On your second day, walk the Brooklyn Bridge and spend some time along the river. You can book a boat tour out to the Statue of Liberty to see lady liberty up close. Use this time to talk about boyfriend problems or lack thereof. End your last day in NYC as all girls’ weekends should end: drinks. With all the sights there are to see in NYC, there are countless options for rooftop bars or bars with views. Pick one where you can watch the sunset, but still close to other bars so you can dance with your girls all night long. The rooftop bar 230 Fifth gives you an amazing view of the Empire State building, so make sure you hang around after sunset to see it lit up at night.  

New York City is filled with options for a relaxed or wild weekend for a girls’ trip. Get all your friends together and start planning out your perfect girls’ trip.

The Best US Cities For A Weekend Girls Trip

2. Chicago, IL  

Chicago, like NYC, has endless possibilities for a girls’ trip. This is often a cheaper alternative and also slightly less touristy. Chicago is ideal for the person who wants to experience a city without having to ride the metro. With Chicago being less crowded you’ll actually be able to order an Uber and not be forced to try and navigate the subway system. 

Like New York, Chicago has amazing shopping, but you don’t want to spend your whole weekend on the Magnificent Mile. Once you’re done shopping, head over to the infamous Bean so you can take a girls’ selfie in the reflection. Head over to Stan’s Donuts to warm up from the wind with coffee and a donut. The neon coffee sign at their coffee bar is an Instagrammer’s dream.

Once your espresso kicks in, head to the Chicago Skydeck where you can see Chicago from 103 stories up. This is a good time to bond while you ride all the way up and even make some new friends cause it’s a longer ride than you think. Once you get to the top, if you’re like me and afraid of heights, you’ll see who’s your sweetest friend when they have to stand back and hold your hand while everyone else is taking turns being each other’s photographers.

Head out to dinner that night and laugh over who was the most scared and toast to the weekend!

Your second day is the perfect time to experience the Navy Pier. Take a private brunch cruise ride out on Lake Michigan to really amplify your experience. You’ll be able to relax and recharge all while sipping mimosas. After your cruise ends, spend some time on the Navy Pier and take a ride in the Centennial Wheel to end your girls’ trip the right way. Go back to your hotel room and snuggle up with your besties after a perfect weekend in the Windy City.

The Best US Cities For A Weekend Girls Trip

3. Hilton Head, SC

If you’re looking for something a little warmer and not a big city, Hilton Head is the best destination for your weekend girls’ trip. Hilton Head is everything you want for a beach getaway — a beach. The best part about Hilton Head is that it’s not like Panama or Miami where there are frat boys running amuck. You can actually relax on the beach with your girls and a White Claw and not worry about Chad interrupting your conversation with your girlfriend about Mindy Kaling’s newest book. 

Hilton Head, although less crowded than Florida beaches, still offers fun experiences in case you get too sunburnt for day two. With famous Salty Dog Cafe and plenty of beach bars you’ll still be able to dance and have fun. 

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Spend the weekend laying out soaking up the sun but if you need some time away from the sun head to the outlets where you can find those Adidas sneakers everyone’s wearing, but half the price. Hilton Head is also under an hour’s drive from Savannah, GA, so make this trip a road trip and hit Savannah on the way back.

The Best US Cities For A Weekend Girls Trip

4. Nashville, TN 

Can I really write an article about the best weekend girls’ trips without mentioning Nashville? No. Although Nashville is one of the most popular destinations for girls’ weekends, there’s a good reason. Nashville isn’t just for the country-loving, cowboy-boot-wearing girls. It’s truly a city made for any girls’ trip. 

One of the most popular things to do in Nashville for a girls’ trip is a pedal wagon. If you’ve ever been to Nashville you’d have to have your eyes closed the entire time to not see one of these riding downtown with a bachelorette party in matching shirts go by. Pedal Wagons are all they are cracked up to be. The concept behind them is great, burn calories while you consume calories. You get to bring up to three drinks per person and stop at bars along the way. This is ideal for groups who have never been to Nashville, your Pedal Wagon driver can offer suggestions for you. You don’t need to worry about a DD on these because one comes with the Wagon; this way all your friends can have a good time.

Not into the bikes? There are plenty of rooftop restaurants and cute boutiques in the downtown area for a more relaxed and laid back experience. Nashville is also the home of country music so you’d be remised if you didn’t at least visit the Grand Ole Opry or the Country Music Hall of Fame.

As the weekend winds down, spend your final hours hunting down the best murals for a group picture to remember your girls’ trip.

The Best US Cities For A Weekend Girls Trip

Which cities have you and your girlfriends visited for a weekend getaway? Which city are you planning on going to for your next trip? Comment below where you’re going and tag the girls you’re bringing! 

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