The Best Upperclassman Dorms At University of Tampa Ranked

Upperclassman Dorms At University of Tampa are hard to rank so I did it for you. Here are the best Upperclassman Dorms At University of Tampa.

It’s that time of the year to pick your preference of where you want to live next semester on Resident Simplicity. Are you trying to decide where to live next year? But don’t which resident hall to choose? Keep reading to  find the ultimate ranking of best upperclassman dorms at University of Tampa.

6. The Barrymore Hotel

Located off campus, rooms are usually shared by two students with two queen sized beds, a private bathroom, a desk and a TV!  Certain floors are designated for students and not open to the public. Students get free housekeeping services and hotel amenities such as the pool, fitness room and free parking. A complementary shuttle is provided to students that comes every 15 and 45 of every hour and goes to and from campus. Although going back and forth from the hotel to campus can be a hassle! This ranks highly as one of the best upperclassman dorms at University of Tampa.

5. Bervard Hall

Located in the heart of campus, it has suit-styles rooms with shared bathrooms, a common living room and single bedrooms. It’s right across from the dining hall and Einsteins Bros Bagels.


4.  Straz Hall

Apartment styled, with a full kitchen, four single bedrooms, a living room, and a shared bathroom. Some rooms have a double and two singles. This residence hall is located right behind the soccer/track field. It is also located close to the gym for those of you who love to workout.

3. Urso Hall

Located off campus, right across from the main entrance to the the university, Urso Hall is studio-apartment styled. Generally consists of single or double bedrooms, with a kitchen and private bathrooms. Right outside the lobby is a study room, available to any residents. Worried about the safety, don’t worry there is a gate in front of the hall, so you can only get in if you swipe your Spartan ID. Also, if your looking for somewhere to have a coffee, tea, or brunch The Oxford Exchange is conveniently located right next door.

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2. Jenkins Hall

One of UT’s biggest residence halls, houses more than 520 students! It mostly suit styled and consists of four single bedrooms that share a common living room and two bathrooms. Some rooms are have a double bedroom and then two singles. The 10th floor has a room that has 8 singles, a common room, and is two stories! For all you coffee lovers, it is right next to Starbucks.

1. Palm Apartments

This residence hall is apartment featured and was just recently built in 2015. It consists of single bedrooms with a common living room, kitchen and bathroom. It is the nicest residence hall on campus! For those who have a car on campus, it is conveniently close to the Thomas Parking Garage. This is the best upperclassman dorms at University of Tampa!

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