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The Best TV Shows On Netflix You Need To Watch Now

The Best TV Shows On Netflix You Need To Watch Now

With the endless choices on Netflix, how can you choose what to watch next? To help you out, these are some of the best TV shows on Netflix right now!

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? With so many choices, how do you choose? I’ve compiled a list that I think should help. Here are some of the best TV shows on Netflix you need to watch now!

1. Gilmore Girls

Young mother, Lorelai, and her daughter, Rory, live in Stars Hollow, where everyone has helped out in the bringing up of Rory. Warning: this show can make you feel very connected to Stars Hollow and its inhabitants.


2. The Office

Watch the shenanigans unfold in the office of a paper selling company and its employees, as their boss tries to gain their respect.

3. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy Schmidt has been in an undergound bunker for the past fifteen years in the Midwest. What’s her next move? She’s going to New York City.


4. Parks And Recreation

The Parks and Recreation department of small town Pawnee, Indiana has lost all motivation. Except for, of course, energetic Leslie Knope, who’s determined to help the town in any way possible.


5. Friends

Watch the classic lives of six best friends as they go through their twenties, experiencing marriages, divorces, work troubles, and relationship troubles. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you won’t be able to stop watching.

6. Orange Is The New Black

New York wife, Piper Chapman, was living a normal life, or at least so she thought, until she is told she’s going to jail. Now what?


7. Thirteen Reasons Why

Seventeen year old Hannah Baker has just committed suicide, and Clay is destroyed. Then, thirteen tapes show up at his doorstep. Now he must listen to all thirteen reasons why Hannah chose to end her life.

8. Shameless

Their dad’s a drunk, their mom is no where to be found, but there’s six Gallagher children. So now what do they do? How do they get money? Watch their lives unfold and their troubles of having to provide for themselves.


9. Fuller House

It’s back! Nineties show Full House has just returned for more, only now it’s DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy running that big house in San Francisco, so you never know what will happen.


10. Stranger Things

A young boy is missing, and a mystery is being unfolded, involving some very strange things. Endure secrets, experiments, supernatural forces, and more.

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11. One Tree Hill

Half brothers, Lucas and Nathan Scott, are complete opposites and do not speak, until they both join the boys basketball team. Watch drama unfold in the small town, Tree Hill.

12. Breaking Bad

Walter White, high school chemistry teacher, has just been told he is dying of cancer, and realizes he has nothing to leave his family. So he finds one of his students, and they start making meth.


13. Prison Break

What would you do if your brother was in jail, and on death row? Break him out? That’s Michael Scofield’s plan. But will it work?


14. How I Met Your Mother

Ted Moseby tells his teenage children the story of living in New York City with his four best friends, and of course, how he met their mother.

15. New Girl

Young and newly dumped Jessica Day moves into a loft with three single men. That won’t be weird. Right?


These are 15 of the best TV shows on Netflix right now that you should be sure to watch! What’s your favorite Netflix show? Share in the comments!
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