The Best Travel Shows When You Have FOMO Over The Holidays

Holidays! Holidays are a time for relaxing, eating whatever you want and to enjoy life. It can be a great time for some – going travelling overseas or interstate, experiencing a different culture, a different place and delicious food. Holidays can be a tough time for others – experiencing FOMO seeing others going travelling on social media.

Travel is often something many people wished they could do daily, but travelling something is people rarely do. Instead, travelling dreams are lived vicariously through other people. This is where travel shows are great. Fulfil your holiday FOMO. Here are the best travel shows when you have FOMO over the holidays.

1. Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father (2017 – current)

Imagine going travelling with your dad! Comedian Jack Whitehall never experienced a gap year so he decided to go travelling with his father, Michael, around the world. Their travels force both of them to go outside of their comfort zones. They have very different tastes leading to interesting (and hilarious) disagreements. Whitehall wants to experience a true gap year by staying in hostels and being a part of famous and traditional events from each place. His father prefers the cultural experiences of the high class and staying in five-star hotels. In the first season, they explore South-Eastern Asia. The second season sees them going to Europe. You are guaranteed for a hilarious and funny time watching this travel show.

The Best Travel Shows When You Have FOMO Over The Holidays

2. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (2013 – 2018)

Critically acclaimed and loved by many fans, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown is perhaps one of the greatest travel shows. At the centre of the show is travelling and people. It explores parts of the world the audience may have never heard of, uncovering lesser-known places. Locals teach him (and the audience) about their food and culture. People can be sheltered to the various types of cultures around the world. This show explores the story of a place, its people and the way they live their lives. In the 11 seasons, one of the highlights is Bourdain exploring the culture, food and people of Vietnam with Barack Obama.

The Best Travel Shows When You Have FOMO Over The Holidays

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3. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes (2017 – present)

Actress and property enthusiast Caroline Quentin and architect Piers Taylor explore the world’s most magnificent and incredible homes These homes are designed in extreme locations around the world. These homes are built on the side of the cliff, in a forest, under the earth and on mountains. Each episode is looking at the particular environment of spectacular houses – Coast, Mountain, Forest and Underground. The second season focuses on different areas of the world – including Portugal, Japan, Spain, Norway and the USA. They stay overnight, spend time and eat meals in these houses. All to see how the designs of these houses function as a piece of architecture and a real house.

The Best Travel Shows When You Have FOMO Over The Holidays

4. Somebody Feed Phil (2018 – present)

Somebody Feed Phil follows Phil Rosenthal, the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, on a trip of a lifetime. Rosenthal travels the world exploring the cuisine of the featured city for the episode. Food may be the focus of the show, but the series ends up being about the journey. He has delicious food, meets the wonderful people of the city he travels too and sees spectacular places. His episodes range from Bangkok to Cape Town and New York City. With probably the catchiest title song and always ending with a phone call to his parents about his wonderful trip, you will be happy living vicariously through him.

The Best Travel Shows When You Have FOMO Over The Holidays

Don’t experience FOMO on your holidays because you aren’t going travelling. These travel shows will fulfil your FOMO. Share with us your favourite travel shows in the comments below!

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