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The Best Tips To Help Your Room Feel Bigger

The Best Tips To Help Your Room Feel Bigger

The Best Tips To Help Your Room Feel Bigger

From time to time, your room can feel cramped and suffocating or just boring. Any time that happens, we like to take the time to do some of these steps in order help us open up the space. These tips can help your room feel bigger and in turn, help you feel better. Your room is the space where you spend a great deal of time. It should be a space that is big enough to fulfil  all your needs.

Clean it!

The best way to make your room feel bigger is to keep it clean. Keeping your floors clear of stuff makes a big difference. Cleaning your room includes putting away everything that’s on “the chair”. You know what chair I’m talking about. The chair that goes through a cycle of clean laundry to dirty clothes without you ever putting them away. Don’t worry, we all have “that chair”.

Trust us, cleaning your room will not only make your room look bigger, but it’ll leave you feeling satisfied and less likely for it to end up messy because of all the hard work you did!

The Best Tips To Help Your Room Feel Bigger

Let the Light in

Another great way to make your room feel bigger is to get natural light. Lifting the blinds or opening the curtains makes it seem like your room doesn’t end at the wall. The windows let the outside become a part of your room as indoor/outdoor space.

It’s almost like having sliding glass doors that open out to a backyard; you feel like you’re outside without actually being there. Also, who doesn’t love natural lighting for doing makeup and taking selfies?

The Best Tips To Help Your Room Feel Bigger

Mix it up

Our personal fave tip is to rearrange your furniture. Changing the layout of your room can help you maximize the space you already have and in the process make your room feel bigger. You may want to take some measurements then sketch the layout with pencil and paper. This avoids you having to move heavy furniture around endlessly.

A major tip is to be aware of where your outlets are! There’s nothing worse than finally arranging your room in a way that works to find out that you can’t charge your phone next to your bed.


Science will tell you that certain colors can expand spaces and some can contract them. A good example of this can be seen in landscapes. Objects that are farther away from the eye become a less intense shade. It all has to do with depth perception. Our eyes perceive things that are farther away, in a lighter, cooler shade than they really are.


The Best Tips To Help Your Room Feel Bigger

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The Best Tips To Help Your Room Feel Bigger

The same thing can be applied to your room. If your room is a darker color, the walls will feel closer than they are. Painting the walls a lighter color will help make it seem as if the walls have been pushed back. If your room is hot pink, try a pale pastel pink. If your room is black, try painting it silver.

Wall Space

Making your room feel bigger isn’t always as easy as opening the blinds. In this case, hard decisions have to be made. The next tip is to de-clutter your walls. If you have tons of posters or pictures, you have to simplify their design. Instead of having a wall covered in photos, take some of them down and keep your favorites hanging in a collection.

If you have a wall covered in posters, you should take most of them down but feel free to leave one or two of your favorites hanging. Your room will feel bigger and look more sophisticated. We know this step will be hard because photos and posters can be sentimental items. The photos can be put in an album and the posters can go in another room.

The Best Tips To Help Your Room Feel Bigger

Not only can making your room feel bigger open up the space but it can also let some good energy in. Your bedroom is the most intimate space you have and it’s a reflection of yourself. Taking care of your space is a form of taking care of yourself. Tell us how some of these tips have improved your well-being in the comments below! 

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