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The Best Tips To Drop Five Pounds In A Week

The Best Tips To Drop Five Pounds In A Week

Spring is almost here which means it’s time to pull out our bikinis. We know you’ll look fab as usual but you might be looking to kickstart your summer bod by shedding a few pounds. You can drop five pounds in a week, however, it may not be permanent. The good news is that it will get you on the right path to a healthy lifestyle. 

Expecting to drop five pounds of body fat in a week is unrealistic, however, you can shed five pounds of water weight in a week is by making small adjustments to your lifestyle. You do NOT need to starve yourself or spend hours on the treadmill. Here are the best tips to drop five pounds in a week. 

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is extremely beneficial when trying to lose weight. Your body is smarter than you think. When you deprive your body of water it releases an anti-diuretic hormone that leads to water retention.


Your body needs water to survive and it will get it one way or the other. The good news is, is that you can trick your body by simply drinking more water which will flush your body of toxins and remove waste your body would otherwise hold on to. Just like Miley Cyrus held onto her wrecking ball. Holy throwback- remember to stay hydrated, water is your friend. 

Quality Over Quantity

We have all obsessed over calories vs. calories out and all it leads to is stress which can lead to weight gain. What if I told you that you could lose weight without tracking your calories. I’m talking to you too, type A’s.


If you expend more calories than you take in you will lose weight but use your calories toward something that will satisfy your hunger and stop you from eating ice cream out of the freezer in the middle of the night. Fueling your body with nutrient-dense, healthy foods will ensure that you are satisfied longer. Eat plenty of vegetables, they are low in calories and extremely filling. This will leave you feeling great instead of hangry.

Eat Plenty Of Protein

You are what you eat and in this case, you should be full of protein. If you make one change to your diet, it should be incorporating more protein into your diet. Stray away from hamburgers and bacon and swap them for healthier alternatives.

Yes, they are forms of protein but they are also incredibly high in fat. You will want to opt for lean sources of protein like chicken, fish, a protein smoothie and low-fat dairy. These are healthy, delicious and low in calories. Switching to a high protein diet will help you drop five pounds in a week faster. 


Don’t Skip Meals

Starving yourself to drop five pounds in a week is the last thing you should do. You should never skip a meal whether you are on a diet or not. Skipping meals will slow down your metabolism and cause your body to hold onto more than it needs to in fear of starving.

We are built to survive and if we refuse to give our body the proper fuel it needs, then our body will clap back at us by holding onto things it otherwise would let go. If you decide to skip meals you will most likely fall victim to the f*ck it diet, giving up and eating whatever you want for the rest of the night. Eating an influx of calories will on cause you to gain weight, not shed it. 


Eat Small Meals 

A nutritionist once told me that you should eat 5 small meals a day if you are looking to lose weight. This includes 3 main meals and 2 small snacks. Spreading your meals across a full day will help your body burn it off faster. In other words, it will speed up your metabolism.

Try having a fruit smoothie for breakfast, string cheese for snacks, a small salad for lunch, and fish and vegetables for dinner. You will feel as if you are eating more when you are actually eating less. Getting into this healthy habit will help you reach your goal of dropping five pounds in a week. 


Cut The Carbs

Not all carbs are bad but in order to lose five pounds in a week, you will have to minimize the number of refined carbohydrates you consume. Adding carbohydrates to your diet is not a bad thing as long as you are portioning them out. It doesn’t take a scientist to know that eating puff pastries and bread will result in weight gain.

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Opt for low glycemic carbs that your body can process better than those that are refined. Examples of these can include Ezekiel bread, kidney beans, bran cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Foods with a low glycemic index enable your metabolism to run at a consistent pace which will aid your weight loss. Carbs over cardio all day, but if you are looking to lose five pounds in a week it is best to stay away. 



If you are wanting to drop five pounds in a week then it goes without saying that you will have to exercise. Don’t get me wrong spinning class, is great but if you are looking to burn calories quick, HIIT training  3o minutes a day is the way to go. In order to accomplish this, you will need to go as fast and intensely as you can for 40 seconds, followed by 20 seconds of rest.

Repeat the sequence six times and your work out is complete. This is the best way to burn fat while sticking to a tight schedule. If you cant start here, that’s ok too. Get out and walk for 30 minutes or jog around the block. All exercise is good exercise and it will help you accomplish your goals that much better. Plus who doesn’t love a post-workout glow? 


Avoid Processed Foods

Which means skipping on the cookies, soda, and chips. You should also look to remove all processed or packaged foods from your diet at least for this week. These items are packed with sugar sodium which would only lead to weight gain. Opt for healthy alternatives to your favorite food and you will find that you will lose weight without sacrificing your favorite foods. 

Manage Your Stress

Stress usually temps us to indulge in our favorite foods. While delicious, they are also extremely bad for our bodies and even worse for losing weight. Guess what? It’s not all in your control so next time you ruin your day of clean eating blame your cortisol which makes you crave these fatty and sugary foods. Weight loss can not occur if you do not manage your stress. Meditate, read a book or call your bestie and vent about what has you feeling this type of way. Whatever you decide to do remember to keep your stress down and the scale will reflect the same results. 

Dropping five pounds in a week is not impossible, just remember to set realistic expectations for yourself. Weight loss is a journey, not a race. No matter what the scales show you are beautiful. Kickstart your fitness journey by implementing these tips into your lifestyle and you will get the results you are looking for. 


What are your favorite tips to drop five pounds in a week? Comment below! 

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