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The Best Tips On How To Write A College Paper That’s Actually Good

The Best Tips On How To Write A College Paper That’s Actually Good

The Best Tips On How To Write A College Paper That's Actually Good

We all dread it right?  A College paper.  Not sure what you are going to say.  Trying to stretch out 2 and a half pages of material into 4 pages.  Trying to make the font a little bigger without anyone noticing so you can make it a tad bit longer.  Fear no more!  Here are some helpful hints on How to write a College paper.

1.) Organize.  Break it Down.  Brainstorm

Make a list or a spider web to categorize what you want to talk about and what points you are trying to make. Label them by paragraph and add thoughts or bullet points into each bubble about each paragraph.  This will help you organize your thoughts and help you make your points stronger in each section.

The Best tips on how to Write a college Paper


2.) Research, Research, Research

Does this really need to be said this out loud?  How can you write a paper if you know nothing about the topic? And I’m not talking looking it up on Wikipedia.   I mean, going to the library, checking your online sources, asking your teacher for advice, or interviewing people yourself.  Not only do you not want to have the wrong information, you definitely want to give the right facts and the most interesting facts.

The best tips how to write a college paper

3.) Have a Good Opening Paragraph

Start with a good introduction paragraph.  Make sure you are clear what your paper is about. Have an opening sentence that catches their attention and announces what you are going to be expressing.


4.) Bring a Strong Argument

Add to that strong opening paragraph by bringing in an argument.  There are two sides to the story of your topic and paper. Make them both know so it draws people in.  Some will agree with you and some will not, but it will make them want to know more.

5.) Avoid Words You Don’t Know

Obviously, if you don’t know what a word means, you aren’t going to know how to use it correctly.  A thesaurus is your best friend when it comes to writing papers. It will guide you to the right words to help make your sentences, and paper stronger.  But make sure it is a word you know and can easily explain.The best tips on how to write a college paper

6.) Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help.

Always ask for help.  Even if it’s from your roommate, mom, or teacher. Writing a college paper isn’t easy for everyone.  Have someone read it through to make sure it makes sense or has a completed feel such as beginning, middle, and end. It never hurts to have another pair of eyes on it, so ask anyone you can to look it over and make sure there are no grammatical errors or incomplete sentences.


7.) Be Passionate:

Why is your topic important?  Even if the topic you are writing about isn’t something you are excited about, find something that interests you.  Find a way to be passionate about your writing. The more passionate you are, the more information you will find out, the more you will have to tell and the more interesting it will be to the reader.  It’s your college paper, enjoy the story you are going to tell. 

The best tips on how to write a college paper

8.) Conclusion

Don’t forget that every college paper, book or article needs a beginning, middle, and end.  Just like the strong paragraph to start your paper, it always helps to finish strong. Hitting those conclusion points like you are going to score a perfect 10 will make you feel like you wrote the best paper and gave the readers a fair argument on what your topic was about.

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9.)  Finish it Early So You Can Come Back to it.

This one makes the most sense to me on How to write a college paper.  Don’t procrastinate. The earlier you get it done, the more time you have to look over it and make it the cleanest and prettiest paper you have ever written.  I am notorious for finishing something quickly and turn it in hoping it’s good enough. It makes so much more sense to finish with plenty of time for proofreads and look overs.  


The best tips on how to write a college paper

10.) Coffee, Candy, and Music

If you are like me when you write or need to sit down and concentrate, you need supplements to get you going. I am BIG on having music in the background. It usually has to be music I don’t know. Whether it’s classical just to keep my mind at ease, or rap or R&B for the Upbeat energy, but something I don’t know the words to, Music is Key.  And don’t forget the coffee and yummy snacks to keep you going. Make it a goal once you finish 3 sentences or a paragraph, reward yourself with a handful of skittles.

The best tips on how to write a college paper

Nobody likes writing  College papers.  Some people don’t like writing at all.  If you use these tips on how to write a college paper,  make it strong and make it your own, you will turn it in with confidence.
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