The Best Tips On Asking For A Raise If You Never Have

Talking to your boss can be intimidating, especially when it comes to your salary. Not only do you have to appeal to their ethos and pathos but you have to do it in a way that sells your point across, and your point is that you deserve more money.

Here are a couple of tips to help you address that tough conversation:

1. Really consider if you deserve a raise

We all feel that we are underpaid and that we deserve a raise. I get it, but as someone that also manages a staff of over seventy employees, I will let you in on a secret- from an employer’s point of view not everyone deserves a raise.


Sit down and evaluate yourself honestly. Do you show up on time to work? Do you come in when they are understaffed? Do you put in the extra mile? Are you polite and respectful to your boss?

I consider all of these when someone approaches me regarding a raise or a promotion. If the answer is no then hold off on asking and work towards actually deserving it. If the answer is yes, make sure you are polite when you approach your boss regarding a raise and thank them for their time regardless of the outcome.

The Best Tips On Asking For A Raise If You Never Have


2. Pick the right time to approach your boss

If work is slammed and you’re understaffed, probably not the best time to stop your boss dead in their tracks and ask to speak to them. There are a lot of more important things on their mind than hearing you plea your case for a raise.


Wait until the end of your shift and ask to schedule a time for you to come in and sit down with them. Not only are you going to have more time to prepare but they will have more time to listen to you, which only benefits you more. It also shows that you respect and value their time. Bonus.

3. Have clear examples of why you deserve a raise

This ties in with the first point. Once you have evaluated yourself honestly talk about the prime examples you thought of. Bring up the time you came into work to help out when you were understaffed, push on the fact that it shows initiative and dedication to your team. Remind them of the time you went above and beyond to assist a customer or took on an extra project.

By giving your boss concrete examples it will trigger their memory on how great of an employee you are.

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The Best Tips On Asking For A Raise If You Never Have

4. Keep a polite demeanor throughout the whole process

Attitude is super important when asking for a raise. Make sure to go into this with a good tone and positive mindset. If you start off from the beginning addressing your salary with a negative attitude it will show and you probably won’t get the raise. Smile when asking your boss if they have some time to talk to you regarding your wage.

Don’t leave the conversation upset if you don’t get a raise because this will guarantee you won’t get one in the future either.

The Best Tips On Asking For A Raise If You Never Have

Remember to incorporate these tips for asking for a raise the next time you believe you deserve a higher wage to increase your chances. Knowing the best tips on asking for a raise can definitely help your confidence. Know your worth but also remember that a business is a business, if you don’t get it this time and if the reasons are valid, keep your head up and work for it again in the future.
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