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The 12 Best Tips For Having Dorm Room Sex

The 12 Best Tips For Having Dorm Room Sex

Having dorm room sex can be quite the challenge. From roommates to the twin size bed, here are 12 tips for having amazing dorm sex!

Having dorm room sex can be quite the challenge. There’s the roommate(s), the twin size bed, and the privacy you can never, ever get. When you finally do get some alone time, here are 12 tips for having the best sex in the dorms!

The 12 Best Tips For Having Dorm Room Sex

1. Make sure your roommate/their roommate knows not to come back

Getting privacy in a college setting feels impossible. Let your roommate know that you’re about to get it on and you’ll let them know when it’s safe to come back.

2. Have a “code” in case their phone is dead

In the chance that your roommate’s phone died, you still need to let them know not to come in the room. You can leave a note on a whiteboard on your door or leave something tied around the door knob. Whatever it is, decide early on before you start having people over.

3. Make the floor work

Take the pillows and comforter off the bed and make it as comfortable as possible. It will give you way more space than trying to make things work on the twin.

The 12 Best Tips For Having Dorm Room Sex

4. Use the fuzzy chair/desk chair

If you’re in her room, try using the fuzzy chair she has out or if you’re in your room, use the standard desk chair. Sit down and let her ride you or she can put one leg up on the chair as you go in from the behind.

5. The desk is your new bestie

Whether she lays face down across it or sits at the edge, the desk is a great way to mix up positions in your small room.

6. Turn the music up, but don’t over do it

Get the speaker out and start playing music to drown out the noises you guys will be making. Make sure it isn’t quiet hours or too early in the day.

7. Keep your voices down

Even if the music is going, you should keep it down. The walls in the dorms are paper thin and people above you, below you, and across the way can hear you.

8. Have a sex drawer ready to go

You can get free condoms from the nurse or health center, so there is literally no excuse.

9. Bunk beds aren’t impossible

While bunk beds may make it 100x more difficult, you can manage sex. Try spooning or missionary positions to start. Then you can take things elsewhere.

The 12 Best Tips For Having Dorm Room Sex

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10. Don’t sexile your roommate

No one likes to be sexiled from their own room. Be conscious of how often you are having sex and keeping your roommate out. If you know they’re going to study in the library, that would be a good time to have sex. Not when they’re coming back from a long day of classes.

11. Don’t hook up next to your roommate

So, you brought someone home from the party and your roommate is sound asleep. That DOES NOT make it ok to start hooking up right next to them. Keep things appropriate.

12. Don’t stay over or keep it at a minimum

It’s unnecessary for you to stay over, especially if you’re doing it often. Chances are you live in walking distance and should go home. Her roommate isn’t going to want to wake up to you.

The 12 Best Tips For Having Dorm Room Sex

Do you have any other tips for having dorm room sex!? Share in the comments below!

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