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The Best Thrift Stores In Boston You Need To Visit RN

The Best Thrift Stores In Boston You Need To Visit RN

Thrift stores in Boston are an essential shopping trip, grabbing everything from basic t’s, to body-cons, to Levi’s brand jeans. Boston is a city within a city, and thrift stores have all you need to fill your wardrobe with wonder. If you ever get the time to make a day trip to the beautiful city of Boston, check out these thrift stores! Whether you need a bracelet, a pair of shorts, or just came to browse, these thrift stores got you covered. Most, if not all of these stores have websites, and you can look them up on Google before going. Check them out! 

1. Covet 

Located on West Broadway in Boston, their central location makes for easy access and close proximity to all other stores nearby. Covet offers a wide variety of clothes, shoes, and purses, and are generally from a designer brand name. Thrift shops offer great products, but at times it can be like finding a needle in a haystack. They are open 11AM- 7PM on most days and until 6PM on Saturday. The next time you find time for a Boston day trip, Covet has to be on your list! This store has excellent reviews, decent prices, and will most likely do a trade-in for some stuff you are looking to get rid of your own closet! I can guarantee you won’t spend more than $20 on a lot of clothes. Just think of what you would normally spend at the mall!

The Best Thrift Stores In Boston You Need To Visit RN

2. Boomerangs 

Located on Massachusetts Ave in Cambridge, just a little outside the hustle and bustle of busy Boston, but close enough to the city that you have easy access to all of the fun. This thrift store will be worth your time, and the little money you do end up spending is directly linked with supporting aids prevention. Most, if not all of these thrift stores also have reviews, phone numbers, and direct addresses if you need to do a little searching before going! 


The Best Thrift Stores In Boston You Need To Visit RN

3. The Goodwill Store 

Located in the heart of South Boston, on Broadway, you truly will find something for everyone, here. Shop furniture, clothes, shoes, and more at this consignment shop. Rated 4.2 by other customers, this one is worth checking out! This store is a classic find for thrift stores and consignment shops. Get all of your essentials here in one stop!

4. Thrive Exchange 

When it comes to thrift stores, we all can be a little uncertain or skeptical of what we might be buying. Perfectly understandable, but set your mind at ease knowing Thrift Exchange has good prices and an even better selection of clothing and accessories, all vintage style. You may even find designer brands here, and come on, that’s half the fun. It’s like TJ Maxx, on steroids! 


The Best Thrift Stores In Boston You Need To Visit RN

6. Savers 

Savers is a bargain hunter’s paradise, let’s face it. It may not be directly in Boston, but located in West Roxbury, Saver’s does more than sell clothes. Shop furniture, shoes, accessories, and even books at Savers for a discounted price! I know that my boyfriend’s sister got some boots from there and they were very inexpensive – I hope everyone can check it out! 

7. Castanet Designer Consignment 

Located directly on Newbury St, Castanet Designer Consignment shop speaks for itself – its designer! Everyone has different tastes, but for those of you who can’t live without the latest handbag, well here is your chance! Newbury street is a great place for shopping because if you don’t find what you are looking for, there are other stores for as far as you can see! Head to this thrift store if you want great finds and great deals. 

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8. Revolve 

Revolve is also on Newbury St, and even though they may not categorize themself as a full thrift store, they still have great finds, usually designer brands that are marked down to a reasonable price or value. Not to mention, Revolve carries ALL of the latest trends and fashions, so if thrift stores really aren’t your thing, going to revolve won’t hurt, and its right on Newbury st! My friend used to love ordering from Revolve when we were in high school, and I am so happy they finally have an actual store in Boston! Revolve is the type of store that will absolutely meet every single one of your expectations. Come prepared, just don’t spend all of your money at once! 

9. Bartevian Inc 

Located on Boylston St in Boston, this little shop will be your go-to for all things accessories. Shop belts, bracelets, necklaces and more at this trendy thrift store! They are open 10AM- 4:30PM Monday- Friday, and closed weekends. Make your way down, ASAP!


10. Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries 

Harrison Ave, Boston, Ma, this thrift shop will not let you down. Shop furniture, shoes, books, clothes, and other accessories at this consignment shop in Boston! A classic and they surely will have what you are looking for. Stock up on all your shirts, pants, shorts, and more with this thrift shop. 

11. Buffalo Exchange 

Last but not least, the must-have thrift store in Boston is Buffalo Exchange. Trendy, and modern, this little shop buys and sells clothes that are reasonably priced, for every fashionista that walks through the door. Check them out, because this store has something for everyone’s style. Plus, with a name like Buffalo Exchange, they have got to be a pretty cool store. Take a risk, isn’t that the point of a thrift store? 

Now that you have all the info about thrift stores in Boston, it’s time to start shopping! I know thrift stores aren’t everyone’s thing, but hey, it is worth giving a try. Boston especially is a great place to shop and spend time, so I hope these stores mentioned aren’t too far for you if you do come to Boston. I hope everyone enjoyed reading this article! What is your favorite thing to shop for? Comment below! Thanks so much for reading, everyone! 

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