The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam

All of the things to do in Amsterdam that guarentee a fun time! If you like shopping, animals, history or more then you'll love these activities!

Are you thinking of planning a trip to Amsterdam and need ideas on what to do? If you need some tips on where to go then read our article about the best things to do in Amsterdam.

Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank house is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about her and the war. It’s a surreal experience to have; you walk around the rooms with headphones that tell you all about the family and what it was like to live there. It’s an upsetting experience so make sure you take a moment after going in before you move on to the next attraction. Make sure to book three months in advance otherwise tickets sell out.


A’Dam Lookout

If you like to live life on the edge, then you should take the ferry to Noord and go to the A’Dam Lookout where you can swing over the edge of the building and look out over Amsterdam. There’s a cafe, light up disco elevator and a roof to chill on. It’s an experience you won’t regret!

The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam

Red Light District

Even though the Red Light District is cringey, it’s still an experience you must do when in Amsterdam. At night, all the lights are lit up and there are people everywhere filling the streets. There are some great museums here such as the museum of prostitution which is really informative.

There is also the Erotic museum which is about seven euros per person. It contains sex toys, pictures and even some of John Lennon’s drawings.

The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam

Artis Zoo

Artis Zoo in Amsterdam is a must for animal lovers – from birds to reptiles, mammals to amphibians, there’s something for every animal lover to enjoy. It’s around fifty euros for two people and you can also buy a map of the park. It’s fairly big so make sure you have lots of time to go around. This zoo is one of the best things to do while in Amsterdam.

The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam

See Also

The Cat Boat

There’s a cat boat near Jordaan where you can visit stray cats. There are loads of strays that are looked after on the boat and although it’s an odd attraction, any cat lover would love it!

The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam

Flower Market

The flower market or “tulip market” in Amsterdam is full of tourists buying tulips or clogs. It’s rather busy and bustling but you can get some excellent flower shots for Instagram while there.

The Best Things To Do In Amsterdam

We hope you find an attraction that you’ll love! Let us know what you’re going to do while in Amsterdam.
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