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The Best Themed Parties For Your Sorority This Autumn

Every season calls for a fitting party to celebrate that time of year, and with summer coming to an end, it’s time to start sharing some fantastic themed party ideas for your sorority this autumn. Check out this list of ideas for themed parties to get some inspo!

1. High School Stereotypes

Though some college students want to erase the memory of high school completely, some of them like to poke fun at and/or relish their past adolescent life. So with the start of the school year in the fall, there’s no better time to glorify, make fun of, or simply remember and think about high school stereotypes. This theme is perfect because it gives people direction, but it also provides the freedom to take the idea in a variety of directions!

For example, you can dress up as anything from the jock, student council president, or class clown to a nerd, cheerleader, theatre kid, or stoner. The possibilities are far and wide with a theme like this. 

2. Stoplight

Fall is a time for all that is new and fresh. As the school year starts, people are looking to find that perfect significant other (or just a fun fling) that didn’t work out as planned last semester, and a stoplight themed party is the perfect way to orchestrate the perfect match. Basically, a stoplight party is one where you dress according to your relationship status: red for taken, yellow for ‘it’s complicated,’ and of course, green for single.

It leaves all the mystery out of the equation, leaving people with very direct and liable options. Having a party like this in the very beginning of the school year allows people to weigh their options as far as relationships go, and your sisters will be thankful for it! 

3. Floor By Floor Challenge

Another perfect way to celebrate Autumn is by letting girls showcase their skills in drinking (and non-drinking) games. A party with a floor by floor (or room by room) challenge gives the party so much more life and energy because everyone wants to win! You can have some rooms with drinking games like beer pong, slap cup, flip cup, and kings cup, and you can have other rooms or floors have games/activities like Twister, charades, four square, and karaoke.

No matter what, games make more people invested and excited about the night. You might want to consider having a few sober monitors at the party to ensure that no one is too competitive and out of hand with their drinking, but even so, Autumn is a great time to let the games begin.

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4. Haunted House

October is a month characterized by one day and one day only: Halloween. In honor of this great holiday, (aside from the regular old costume parties) it could be fun to go all out with the decorations creating the perfect haunted house vibe for a party. Transforming a normal venue into a spooky haunted house takes some work, but it is actually a great opportunity for sister bonding. Clearly, making and buying decorations is less of a burden and more of a fun social gathering if lots of people have their hands on deck! 

5. Thanksgiving

OK, lots of college-aged people have heard of BYOB, but what about BYOF? Bring your own food! Thanksgiving is a staple for the fall season, and there’s no reason that the feasting can’t commence earlier (or continue after) actual Thanksgiving already happens.

Having everyone bring their own dish to a party can be a great way to get everyone involved and also continue that feeling of gratitude that’s so special to Thanksgiving day. When someone is eating the perfect drunk snack, there’s no way they won’t make a note of telling whoever brought that dish how amazing they are.

What are your favorite themed parties? Comment below!

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